Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Still Hanging in There...

Lately, my Mom and I have been cooking meals that can be frozen for several months so that cooking can be on the back burner for several weeks after Ethan is born. It occupies my time. I have several new recipes to share with you all, and I'm very excited about it! But today, I'm just cold.

I'm really tired of snow. The snow always makes me feel tired, depressed and just plain "blah." Since I am still trying to recover from my recent surgery, this is NOT a good combination.

I'm so ready for sunshine, and would love a beach getaway! I so wish I weren't under such restrictions in this pregnancy, as our plans for a spring beach trip are now nonexistent. The next time I see ocean waters, Ethan will be in our arms. I cannot wait for that. I hope he loves the sand and sun as much as his Dad and I do.

Allow me to be jealous of my fellow bloggy friends that will be getting beach giveaways soon! Tell me, where are you headed?! And will you PLEASE post some pictures? :)


Annie said...

glad to hear you are holding up okay hun.
interested to see the recipes you have to share! i really should make and freeze some meals for when my little guy comes. will you also share how you store the meals in your freezer?! i've never froze meals before. thanks!
hope you enjoy the rest of your week, stay warm!

Brittney Galloway said...

Ooh, can't read about the recipe ideas. I'm in need of some freezer meals so I can prepare for when our baby comes, seeing as we have no family or many friends to help out!