Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Actual Fun in the Snow

It's no secret that I hate the snow. I hate the cold, I hate the winter. If my family didn't reside in Kentucky, I would not hesitate to seek residency in a place that snow was obsolete. However, sometimes I find a silver lining in it. Yesterday was watching my sweet niece play (and attempt to eat) in the snow for a few minutes and I thought I would share her sweetness with you.

Riley loves to make snow angels!

My Mom helped Riley roll some snowballs (which later fired back on here, see video later)
The beginning of a small snowball fight.
She reminds me so much of myself in the snow. She sticks her face straight in the snow to take a bite! How cute!
It doesn't matter the weather, Riley loves JUMPING!!
After taking a big bite :)
Riley loves her "Baby Sister Rosie" and let her make snow angels too.

We only lasted outside for about 15 minutes, but Riley had a ball, and it was so fun taking pictures of her! I took a couple of videos of her playing as well. The second video is absolutely hilarious to me, catching my mom completely off guard!

Ok silver lining. Here you are. Now that you've come, make the snow go away!!


Jax said...

So so cute!! Seeing kiddos in the snow definitely makes it more fun!!!

Brittney said...

Yeah, for some reason snow is a lot more fun when you're a kid!

Laura Darling said...

Too cute! We get a lot of snow in Philadelphia, and as a kid I loved it! But now that I have to shovel it and drive to work in it, I'm not such a fan anymore!!