Friday, February 18, 2011

An Unfortunate Shift for a Target Lady

After all of the rude stuff said to me in my first trimester (when we thought I was showing REALLY early, but turned out to be fluid from the heart), I've waited for the time that I was really showing to mess with people.

I always found it appalling that people that don't even know the person will go up to a pregnant woman and touch their belly, ask when they are due, etc.  Even before I was pregnant, I was highly amused that these crazy comments even occurred.  I've always practiced the rule to NEVER ask a woman about a baby in the womb unless: 1. She's a friend of mine.  2. I already know that the person is pregnant.  3.  She mentions to me that she is pregnant first.  I never ever want to offend anyone that may or may not be pregnant.  However, I must be one of the few that thinks about this.

Basically, I can't wait for this random question at 38 weeks and tell someone that I am not pregnant, that I'm just that fat.  Why does this seem so funny to me? I have no idea, but I think it is hilarious.

Jason and I opened up our registry at Target last week (only because if we opened it by a certain time, we got a $20 gift card ha) and I had my first chance.  We did our part on the computer, and handed the printout to the woman to get our "gun" to shoot a few items and get our gift card.

The lady looks at us and so sweetly asks us if we have opened a wedding or baby registry.  I looked at Jason and grinned.  Although she was perfectly within her means a normal question to do her job properly, I had been waiting to tease people about my growing belly.  Unfortunately for her, she became my first culprit.

I stuck my bump out as far as I could, rubbed it with both hands and ever so seriously responded: "It's for the wedding..."

Her eyes grew huge and she began to stumble on some words. Her face grew red and she wouldn't meet my eyes.

I busted out laughing. I couldn't keep a straight face.  She became very flustered, and proceeded to tell us about how she sees so many couples to come complete BOTH baby and wedding registries at the same time, she didn't notice my growing bump, etc.  I laughed and gently told her that I was only kidding and by no means offended.  I told her that I appreciated that she was so polite and didn't just assume pregnancy.

I'm sure she will be hopeful to never have to set up a registry again.  Or to have to see me again.


Angie Repetti said...

You are such a little Stinker!!!
:) ~Love you!

Amy Lynn said...

Hahahaha, I always knew you would be the kind of preggo that used that joke! I love it!

Annie said...

way too funny!!! as i was reading that last little bit i was thinking how did she keep a straight face?! haha, i'd be laughing ;)

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Oh my goodness, I would have cried!! haha!

Brittney said...

Hahahahahahaha. How funny!

Erika and Jason said...

That's too funny! I have only had one person come and touch/rub my is someone I work with...still felt really weird. I definitely abide by your three rules too:-)