Sunday, February 6, 2011

20 Weeks!

20 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 140

Maternity clothes? A mixture of everything.  Usually maternity pants, but I busted a pair of non-maternity pants out for church this morning! Woo hoo!

Stretch marks? Nope

Sleep: Was ok to start this week, but has progressively gotten worse.  I have a lot of nausea in the middle of the night, though I'm not quite sure if it is due to pregnancy or post-surgery.

Best moment this week: Reaching the halfway mark and realizing we are so close to meeting Ethan!

Movement: Yep! I love to feel him squirm!

Food cravings: Lots of sweets. And garlic cheese bread.  But not together.

Gender: All BOY!

Labor Signs: Still no, thank goodness!

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie, but looking flatter.

Wedding rings on or off? On usually.  Since I'm not doing much but recovering from surgery, I haven't been putting them on everyday by choice.

What I miss: Not struggling to get up when I sit on the floor!  I've started contemplating how cold my feet really are and if socks are necessary haha!

What I am looking forward to: Continuing to work on Ethan's room.  It's looking so great guys, I can't wait to show you!

Weekly Wisdom: I'm really bad at this part...

Milestones: Reaching the halfway point, the arrival of Ethan's bedding, and beginning to work on his room!


Jax said...

You look adorable!! I cannot believe you're halfway! Time is FLYING!!!

Brittany Ann said...

You've really popped! Your little belly is so adorable!