Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wonderful Tonight

Jason and I had a fantastic time in Nashville yesterday! We got into town a few hours early, walked around downtown, and then had dinner at the Spaghetti Factory (YUM!!!) and walked on over to the arena.  I'm actually not sure what it is called now, because I hear it is going through another name change. Anyway, Jason was so excited all day, and he was even more excited when we got to our seats.

Roger Daltrey came out first, and Jason was entirely in a different world.  He was so excited, and took a billion pictures.  I promise I won't bore you with all of them, just a few!:)
This was our view from our seats WITHOUT zoom at all! 
Eric Clapton finally came out, and Jason's excitement went to a whole new level.  He kept leaning over and saying: "This is so awesome! Thank you!!" It was really cute to hear how much he loved his gift.
I must say, Clapton is an incredible guitarist.  It was really neat to hear him just play.
One of my favorite parts of the show was the acoustic part.  He just sat down and started playing, and it was very relaxing.
The coolest part of the acoustic section was when he brought out Vince Gill! He just walked on out, sat down, and started playing his guitar right along side Eric Clapton.  Clapton must have known he had to throw a country star out there to really get Nashville going.  Vince Gill never sang, but he was really great on guitar, which I never knew!
I also included a video of my most favorite moments of the show.  This is my absolute favorite Eric Clapton song.  I have a few more videos of some other great parts as well, but rather than overload you, I'll just share them every once in a while, or I'll send you the YouTube link if you just can't wait! :)

It was definitely a perfect night, that my husband can't stop talking about.  
Surprise gift=success. :)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tonight's the Night!

Tonight, Jason and I are headed to Nashville to see this guy:
You probably remember this video I took of Jason when I told him the news of his special surprise to see Eric Clapton. Jason is so excited this morning, he's been hopping around like a 6 year old that just got a Red Rider BB Gun for Christmas. (2 points for anyone that can pick up on that reference!)

I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share tomorrow from our floor seats!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Fenway Update

Thank you sweet bloggy friends for all of your kind words on my previous post about my sweet puppy and his minor surgery.  I completely admit to being a total baby about it, crying upon his departure and during the evening that he had to stay away from us.  You all left such sweet and sensitive messages that it was definitely a "pick-me-up."  Not everyone involved in my real life was as sensitive about it, and I appreciate the sweet words so much! Fenway is doing great, and I'm so glad to have him back home; although he is being a bit difficult.

He will not stop licking his incision spot.

He isn't supposed to do any jumping on anything for a solid week, and we've already found him on the couch and the bed upon entering the room.  Poor boy doesn't understand why he shouldn't jump on things that he normally can!  We are having a terrible time stopping this, I hope he doesn't hurt himself.

He is significantly more lovable and willing to cuddle now.  This isn't hurting my feelings one bit! :)

He has to sleep in his "bed"  instead at the foot of ours for the next week to make sure that he doesn't jump off the bed in the middle of the night, and he doesn't understand why.  He's not really excited about that.

I can't wait until he is fully healed so that he can resume life as normal-without a few parts. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This sweet boy...
got fixed this morning.  He has to stay overnight with the vet for monitoring.  Thankfully, they said he did wonderful during his mini-surgery and was coping very well.  My house sure is lonely without my little guy to cuddle with tonight.  I can't wait to bring him home tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Barbecue Chicken Pizza!

Here's the super easy pizza I wanted to show you the other day! I personally love these pizzas much more than a frozen pizza.  Delivery and carry-out gets so expensive, especially if you are married to an Italian like me! You just never know how a frozen pizza is going to turn out, and I love that Jason and I have made this discovery. Ok, I admit it.  We are probably way behind on this, but I'll share anyway.

These pizza crusts are the best.  They have whole wheat, regular, and thin crust.  We actually love them all.  The thin doesn't make you feel like you are eating pizza toppings on a cracker, and the thicker crusts aren't too thick.  This is a photo of the whole wheat crust, but we used a thicker crust this time.
I boil my chicken for 20 minutes so that it is cooked all/most of the way through before putting it on the pizza:

I always put a very thin coating of olive oil on the crust.  This keeps the edges from burning, and from the sauce absorbing into the crust making it too soggy.
Add on the barbecue sauce!
Once the chicken is finished boiling, cut into bite-sized pieces or shred and sprinkle all over the pizza.  I put the majority of my ingredients under the cheese to prevent them from drying out and burning. (An old trick I learned from working in a restaurant.)

Jason and I decided we wanted a fresh green pepper on this one:

As well as some mushrooms:

Then cover with mozzarella cheese.  It's also yummy to mix in some cheddar cheese too!!  We topped this pizza with banana peppers for a bit of spice.  I put these on top of the cheese since they can dry out a bit without losing their flavor.

Bake at 450 for about 12-15 minutes (just keep a watch on it!).
Then you are all ready to enjoy!

Super easy, and Jason and I are constantly eating pizza.  We buy regular sauce and pepperonis, canadian bacon, etc. for other pizzas as well.  We have saved a ton of money by not paying for delivery anymore! I also feel like they are a bit cheaper than frozen as well.  Each package of crusts come in twos, pepperoni's make 4-5 pizzas, etc.  You definitely get more for your money, it tastes fresh, and is super easy!! :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cranky-Stream of Consciousness

I'm really cranky today.  I think it must be a Monday thing.  Well, Mondays in the winter.  I don't mind my job at all.  In fact, I love my job.  I hate the snow and the fact that half an inch of snow results in canceling school that makes my job harder.  I hate being cold.  I really don't like snowflakes in the air floating around like big pieces of nasty dandruff.
I wanted to share my barbecue chicken pizza with you today.  Since I'm cranky, I'm just going to tell you that:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet Award

Katie, at The Mathis', gave me the sweetest award last week, and I've just now gotten around to posting it.

Katie is one of my absolute favorite blogs to read. She always posts some great recipes, funny stories, and uplifting stories as well. She definitely writes about everything that I enjoy reading about. Go over and check her out if you haven't already. Thank you Katie! :)

This award is called The Bogart and it means, "you're going places baby!"

The Rules:

Link back to the blogger who sent you this award

Post where you would like to be in 10 years

Pass this on to 10 other special bloggers

In ten years, I would love to be:

Started and completed my master's degree so that I can be a primary therapist in the company I currently work for.

A mother.

Still hopelessly in love with my sweet husband. {A given :)}

Surrounded by family.

I want to pass this on to my bloggers that always leave me such sweet encouragement! Sadly, that means I would WAY surpass the 10 mark, so in no certain order:

Christine @ The Adventures of Christine

Teeny, you always make me laugh with your hilarious stories, but you also touch my heart with your outlook on life. You are truly one of the most beautiful people ever!

Jax @ The Roaring Twenties

You ALWAYS have some of the funniest things to say, but you have also been one that tells me that it is OK to be mad and upset once in a while. A girl needs to hear that every now and then, and I appreciate it so much.

Caroline @ Simply Smithwick

You are such a doll, and I love reading about the adventures with your adorable puppy! Since you live in Tennessee, it is so easy to relate to you! I feel like I know exactly where you are coming from when you talk about the crazy weather and things going on in our little area on the map.

Little Daisy May @ This Kind of Love

You and I are wedding date twins, so I love reading about your first year of marriage with your sweet husband! You always have some of the kindest words to say, I appreciate you!

Shannon @ Fort Cox

Shannon, I've known you for forever, and I'm so glad we are back in touch through the blog world! I love reading about your new life as an Air Force Wife, seeing pictures of Piper, and seeing all your reviews on new baby products!

Jess @ All-American Jess

Jess, you were definitely my favorite swap partner of all time! I love reading your blog and about your passion for St. Jude. You have a beautiful heart, and I'm so glad we've met!

Laura @ Our Crazy Adventure

Laura, I love to read about your adventures in so many beautiful places in the world! It's like getting to travel with you! You are such a sweetheart, and your comments always make me smile!

Brittney @ Back to the Quarry

Brittney, I'm loving reading all about Baby Bee that is coming so soon! You are such a beautiful woman, and even more beautiful now that you are pregnant! I know you will be a great mother.

Katie @ Loves of Life

Katie, you are my Big Brother buddy! I can't wait for it to start up again! I love reading all of your hilarious stories about your pregnancy, and the sweet things your students say! :)

Ashlee @ A Smile on my Face and a Song in my Heart

My bestie! I love that you have joined the blogging forces and that I can read all about your adventures in NYC. You are already doing so amazing up there, I know even greater things are to come. I'm so proud of you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Two years ago today, my sweet husband asked me to marry him. I don't think I have ever shared our proposal story with you before, so I figured out today was as good of a time as any!

I knew it was coming. Jason wanted me to help pick out the most perfect, unique ring setting many months before he proposed. We found it in early July, and because it was a discontinued setting, I was aware that he bought it. Then it was time to wait for him to put in the diamond.

Around early January, Jason (being the terrible secret keeper that he is) blurted out that he had completed my ring and the diamond was set. He wanted the actual proposal date to be a surprise too, but he kind of blew that one too ;). It's ok sweetie, I was anxious too!

He spoke to my parents about a week before, and then nervously awaited Feb. 9. This day was of no significance to either of us until that day. Jason wanted to propose on a random day, to help with the "surprise" element.

On the morning of the 9th, he had my mother leave a box outside my bedroom door with a card. I still lived at home at the time. I opened it, and it was the cutest, green, spring dress! However, the day was not nearly as warm as our local weather station predicted (imagine that). But the note said to wear the dress and be ready by 3.

Jason picked me up, shivering because of the low temperature, and took me to a nearby local landmark. There is a hiking trail that leads down into one of our caves. This cave used to be an underground night club way back when, and is still used for a lot of weddings and social events. Throughout our walk on the trail, Jason had hidden envelopes in the bushes and trees throughout our walk. Each envelope had some photos from different stages in our relationship, along with a small letter telling me the importance of those stages to him. Once we arrived almost to the end of the path, we got a little closer to the river area, and he began talking. I was so nervous, and I honestly couldn't tell you what was said at those moments. He did say some very precious things, and also had a few of our friends hiding, taking photographs and video. The quality of the photos are pretty bad, mainly due to dim lighting and the wrong setting on our camera. I won't share the video, mainly because it's 5 minutes long, and you can't hear a single thing. It is still nice to have to watch it once in a while. Anyway, you get the idea. :)

My parents were waiting in the parking lot with champagne once we came back up from the cave, ready to toast and celebrate!

A lot has happened over these past two years since Jason and I decided to get married, and I'm still loving every minute of it! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010


One of my favorite bloggy friends and former swap partner, Jess at All-American Jess is hosting a giveaway!  Jess has the COOLEST job ever, and gets to meet a lot of celebrities while working.  You should definitely check out her blog and her giveaway!  This giveaway is really cool because she is centering it around one of her passions, St. Jude Research Hospital.

Go on over and enter!  You have until February 14th to check it out! :)

A Great Big Thank You!

I've had a blog makeover!!!

I just wanted to say thank you to Louise at Adori Graphics for my beautiful new blog layout! She did a fantastic job. I am using one of her premade layouts, and they are so incredibly priced! She was so easy to work with, and made it all a much easier process than I expected. I will definitely be back for a custom design one day!

Thank you!! :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Surprise! Part 2

I won't keep you guys hanging long.

Let me give you a bit of background first.

My husband is a crazy music lover.  He is really into a lot of classic rock, and he has seen a LOT of people in concert over the course of his lifetime.  One of his very first concerts around the age of 5 was Michael Jackson.  He's seen Aerosmith, U2, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Kanye West, and a crazy long list of others that I can't fathom to remember right now.  He is a concert freak.

Which is why I really wanted to get Jason Eric Clapton tickets in Nashville.  By the time I found out they were on sale, there were only terrible seats available.  So I told him about the concert, and that I wanted to surprise him with tickets, but the only ones available were in the top tier, last few rows.  Jason's statement to me was, "Eric Clapton is one of the last on my list that I've never seen.  I'd sit in the worst, last seat in the house just to say I've been to a Clapton concert."

So the pattern was set.  I couldn't possibly get Jason crappy seats for something like this.  So I went on a hunt! And let me tell you, I found some pretty awesome seats.

Jason and I have seats in the second row of Floor Section 3!!!  I bought them about a month ago, and had a goal of waiting until Valentine's Day to surprise him.  If you know me at all, you know that is pretty much impossible.  I finally couldn't stand it any longer last night, and framed a copy of the seating chart for him to see where we were going to be.

Clapton will be performing with Roger Daltrey.  At the time of the purchase, I had NO idea who this guy was.  Jason and I were in the car a few weeks ago talking about the Super Bowl, and he told me "Man, I'd take the worst seats in the house to be at the Super Bowl this year."  I asked why and he said, "Because Roger Daltrey is playing and he is a legend!" Of course, I had to ask who he was, and he is apparently the lead singer of The Who.  Go figure.  So then I was even MORE excited to give Jason his big surprise.  Want to see his reaction??

Friday, February 5, 2010


I have a big surprise for my husband.  I have finally found him a gift that is JUST for him that he will absolutely LOVE.  And the best part is that he has zero idea what my plans are. 


Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Sweetest Thing...

My husband is the sweetest, most thoughtful man on earth.  Last night, we were catching up on episodes of the Cake Boss (LOVE that show!), and I said to Jason, "Baby, when it comes time for me to be pregnant, do you think we could get him to make us a cake and send it to Kentucky?" We laughed about the idea of Carlo's Bakery driving all the way from New Jersey to Kentucky just because a pregnant lady wanted a cake.

No, I am NOT pregnant.  I repeat, I am NOT pregnant.  However, Jason showed up this evening with his hands behind his back and said, "I know Kentucky doesn't have a Carlo's Bakery, but I hope Gigi will do."  He handed me a box of 3 MARVELOUS cupcakes from our brand-new cupcake bakery!

He brought home a Boston Creme Pie cupcake (filling included!),
a Red Velvet (filled with vanilla pudding) cupcake,

And a ridiculously large chocolate cupcake.

They were SO yummy! My favorite was definitely the red velvet, it was incredible!

Thank you sweetie! You made my night with your thoughtfulness!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Tonight, I am MAD

 I choose to be MAD tonight.  I know very well that I can choose not to be, but tonight, I'm not making that choice.

I choose to be MAD at those who refuse to consider others.

I choose to be MAD at those that are self-centered.

I choose to be MAD at those with a sense of entitlement.

I choose to be MAD at those that walk all over others.

I choose to be MAD at those that expect everything, and give nothing.

I choose to be MAD at those who are passive about being taken advantage of.

I'm just plain MAD.