Friday, October 30, 2009

Grocery Store Confusion

I have never really thought about the difference in single men, men with girlfriends, and married men until I went to the grocery store last night. I will excuse my sweet husband from this, since he used to work in the grocery store, so he has always known his way around very well. He also happens to be a fabulous cook! Anyway, I ran to the store for a few items after work last night, and realized I was surrounded by single men and men with girlfriends.

Married ladies, do your husbands help you grocery shop? Did they help you shop before you were married? Ladies with boyfriends/fiances-what about you all?

I was in the pasta aisle, picking up some marinara sauce for eggplant parmesan, and I over hear a man in his late 20's/early 30's on the phone. He was on the phone with someone that sounded like a significant other. I didn't see a ring, so I'm assuming girlfriend. His conversation went soemthing like:
"Sweetie, I'm sorry but we can't have Sweedish Meatballs tonight. (pause) Because I can't find a kit for it. I looked everywhere. I'm in the sauce aisle now, and there is nothing that says Sweedish Meatballs on it. (pause) I'm sorry, but I can't find anything, anywhere that says Sweedish Meatballs." Oh boy. Poor guy.

I laughed to myself a bit, got my marinara, and went on to the next aisle. I then come across two guys that were probably still in college (especially because of the way they used the word "man"about every other word.) I laughed even harder when I heard their conversation:
"Hey yo man, you got a pot?"
"You know man, a pot."
"Like, the thing you made noodles in?"
"Yeah man, that. A pot."
"Ah! Naw man, I ain't got one. I bet we could borrow one. Call (insert name that I can't remember here.) I bet she's got one."

Oh my. I know I'm still learning to cook, but really?! It certainly made for a funny trip to the grocery store!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi, my name is Paige and I have a confession to make.

I'm officially obsessed with Taylor Swift!
Seriously, it's bad. Jason and I are planning a trip to Texas in March to see/meet the family that didn't get to make it to our wedding. I've recently learned that Taylor will be in Houston in May, so I'm working on a postponement of this trip so that we can see Jason's family and Taylor Swift all in one trip! AH!! I know, it's bad.

I know she isn't the most incredible singer in the country music industry, but she is an incredible song writer, tons of fun, and totally relatable. And her singing as really grown and improved since she started.

I saw on Yahoo this morning that Taylor Swift was going to be on the Ellen Show today. It was my husband's day to come home and let the dog out, and he so sweetly set the DVR for me to get to watch Taylor this evening. This girl is just so stinking cute! I think she handles her personal life in the spotlight with class, and is so genuinely thankful for all the love her fans give her. She's a doll, and I'm ridiculously obsessed.

Which is why it should be no surprise to you that when I discovered that I was THREE days late purchasing her Fearless Platinum Edition, Jason and I hopped in the car and headed out to buy it. Our first store was sold out. But they DID have a 6 song Taylor Swift Christmas CD that I had to grab as well. Our second stop gave us better luck, and I am now spending my evening listening to Taylor's 6 new songs, and watching the DVD of the included music videos and behind the scenes tours.

I really don't like MySpace at all, but Jason's nieces are on there, so I keep my account open to e-mail them. Ok, I lie. I also look at Taylor Swift's MySpace page and watch her hilarious videos with her crew. If you ever get time, watch them, they are SO funny!

Ok. I feel better now that you all know my secret (or not so secret) love for Taylor Swift.

Thankful Thursdays

I Love Little Friday!
I am thankful for my dear friend Ashlee, who is having a birthday today in NYC. I'm thankful for texting, that allows me to talk to her throughout the day since we can't celebrate together like we normally do.

I'm thankful for all my sweet bloggy friends, for you all leave me the sweetest, most encouraging messages!

I'm thankful for my sweet husband, who will go home at lunch to set the DVR for Ellen, just so I can watch Taylor Swift tonight.

I'm thankful that Riley gave me kisses at lunch today.

I'm thankful that my life insurance sale came through today!

I'm thankful that sweet baby Stellan is hanging in there, even though things don't look good today. Happy Birthday baby Stellan!

I'm thankful that I get to see sweet Riley dressed as a Sock Monkey Ballerina for Halloween, and give her a bag of M&M's!

Happy Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Can someone please tell me...

Update: Got it! Thanks guys! You all are the greatest!

How do I respond to a comment via e-mail? I've had several of you respond to my comments via e-mail, rather than commenting back in the post or on my post. I can't seem to figure out how to do it, so any advice would be fabulous!


Selfishness in Friendships

I'm sure most of you have heard, "It is better to give than to receive." We are coming up on a season that giving is emphasized, have we lost focus on giving, and refocused on receiving?

It seems that even small acts of giving are often ignored. Sometimes all a person needs is an ear to listen, or word of kindness. It's easy to wrap ourselves up in the world around us, and forget that others live in it.

Do you ever feel the need to talk to someone about something going on in your life? Of course you do, we all do at some point. And when we feel we need to talk, we feel like what we need to talk about is extremely important. Have you ever felt like you've turned to someone to talk, and the conversation turns to being about the other person? Ugh, it's so frustrating!! I try to remember that my friends also have things on their mind as well, and I'm willing to be there. But dang it, sometimes I want them to be there too!

I feel certain that we have all had relationships/friendships that we have given more than we have received. We may not even notice it until we truly need those people, and realize they aren't willing to give what we would be willing to give. Those relationships normally end with bittersweet feelings.

I shouldn't complain, really. I have several friends that are wonderful. I also have two that are out of this world just as good to me as I am to them. They deserve the best, and they give me the best. I've always heard that if you find one true friend in your life, consider yourself lucky. I hit the jackpot with two. So why is it that we are so surprised when we discover someone that isn't a true friend? We want to see the best in people. We want to believe that everyone is willing to be selfless once in a while, but the sad truth is that everyone isn't willing.

It's a frustrating battle to go above and beyond for someone simply because you want to; only to discover they won't go above and beyond for you when you need it. It's a great lesson to learn, but certainly a painful one.

Some of you might remember me touching on this subject back around May, when I began to learn this bittersweet lesson with friends involved in my wedding. I chose at that time not to reveal too much, as there are too many people that I know in real life read this. I don't want my blog to bash people. I don't want my blog to call people out for things that have happened. However, I do have a purpose for this blog. I want to update friends and family members that don't live close by. I want to meet more bloggy friends (I have the best readers ever!). I want to have a place to write out the lessons I have learned and share them with you all. And I want to be able to vent out my frustrations! So that's exactly what I'm going to do, without bashing and naming anyone specific.

Why in the heck is this girl talking about something that she learned back in May? I'm finally coming to a full circle with this lesson. Recent events have brought a flood of memories back that again have shown me who will always be there and who won't. The ones who won't were certainly surprises to me. Sad surprises. I thought I had learned this lesson in May, but it was only the beginning. I've now also learned that the beginning of a hard lesson is always the most painful. Learning the bits and pieces after are just reassuring to a lesson you've learned.

Because of some really bad friends, and some really awesome ones, I've discovered some valuable lessons. I've learned that distance doesn't mean distance. Being geographically far away from someone does not mean a friendship will become weaker. Being geographically close to someone does not always mean you will remain close. This was refreshing to learn over the past few weeks. My geographically distant friends were right with me during the fear and confusion of those few days spent at the hospital with my family. Geographically close individuals I used to see as friends had no clue anything was even going on.

How do we get so wrapped up in our own lives that we don't see when a friend struggles? Selfishness. We must find that happy medium to be a valuable friend to others. We must learn to give just as much as we take, and we have to be prepared at any moment to give MORE than we take, and know that it will come back around to us someday.

We must celebrate with our friends when they are rejoicing, and we must grieve with them when they grieve. Being there through the exciting and happy times is just as important as the times of sorrow. I always thought it was easier for a friend to be with you during the "up" times rather than the "down" times: another learned in May. Sometimes jealousy sets in, and "friends" don't want to celebrate with you. Sadly, selfishness can prevent us from being a positive influence on others lives, and in turn create a larger distance between two close individuals that should have never been created.

Sometimes, a genuine desire to hear and listen to the answer to "How are you?" is what a friend needs.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas Ornament Swap!

Another swap for the season!!!

Head over here to participate! I just found out about this earlier today, and the McLinky is closing tonight! Hurry on over to join in on the fun to participate in a Christmas ornament swap!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Maid Paige and Butler Jason

Jason and I now have new occupations, thanks to our furbaby, Fenway. I'm not talking the role of "Puppy Parent." I'm talking the new occupation of servant. I've become a maid, and Jason has become a butler (that I affectionately now like to call Geoffrey, like on Fresh Prince.) We now don't just have Fenway-we have "Mah-ster Fenway" (like Geoffrey says it lol.)
I love our sweet pup, even when he steals Kleenex and Q-Tips from the bathroom trash. Even when I find a pair of underwear in his mouth. Even when he doesn't want to be put in his "bed" and he hides far enough under the bed I can't reach him. He is mischievous, and loves to find things that don't belong to him, but he is usually very well behaved. However, there are days I could strangle him.
Fenway is extremely smart, and was pretty easy to housebreak. He would sit quietly by our backdoor and wait for us to notice him. After finding him waiting patiently many times without accidents, I felt bad for making him holding it just because I didn't see him. So I invested in a Poochie Bell. For you non-dog owners, this is supposed to be a bell that Fenway rings when he needs to be let out.

It's really handy, even though Fenway was afraid of it the first few days. The noise frightened him, and he would sit by the door as far away from the bell as he could. However, he magically decided that he was no longer afraid of it, and has become a professional Poochie-Bell ringer. Too professional.

Fenway doesn't believe that his Poochie-Bell is just supposed to be used for going outside. Fenway knows that his Poochie-Bell will make Jason and I come running to take him out, so he believes that his Poochie-Bell is to alert us for any request. He rings, we come running, and he heads to his food/water bowls if they are empty. He rings, we come running, and he runs to the couch to show us that he got something stuck under there.

Inadvertently, we have taught our dog to ring a bell, and a servant will come running to help him with whatever he needs. Next thing you know, he will expect his bell to come on a silver platter.

Spoiled thing. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Judgement and Respect

Judgemental people really bug me. I don't quite understand the satisfaction someone receives by looking down on others for having a different opinion, or forcing their opinions down others throats.

Lots of things lately have spiked my thoughts on judgement, and I've been working on the best way to write about this over the past week or so. Is it really possible for us to be strong in our beliefs without judging others? Can we be passionate about certain life aspects of life without judging others? Are people capable of expressing a difference of opinion without passing judgement? I believe yes.

I really think it is possible, and it is something I strive to do whenever a controversial discussion arises. Sometimes I feel beaten down by trying to be open, but still firm. Sometimes I even feel like I shouldn't step into controversial discussions because other opinions are so forced on me, my own opinion isn't respected. Do you all ever feel this way?

Let's take politics, for example. I don't care if you voted for Obama or McCain-and I don't intend to specify my preference either. The terrible remarks and arguments I listened to during this past election were completely judgemental and disrespectful from both parties. I also feel that the problem with our countries government is our inability to unify after an election. I understand that there are a lot of things President Obama is wanting to happen in our nation that many disagree with. However, I feel that while you have the freedom to agree or disagree, he is now our President. We must unify as Americans, not as Republicans or Democrats. I'm not saying any of this to open up arguments on health care reform, the economy, or the war in Iraq. I'm simply saying that we all have the right to have individual feelings on these issues-and we all deserve respect about our feelings. I have been in places with many people voicing their strong opinions about these issues, and talking about how "stupid" anyone is that might disagree. What makes it right for certain people to strongly voice their opinions, and degrade others for feeling different? Judgement.

Another bloggy friend of mine, Shannon, opened up discussion a few nights ago about childbirth. Shannon is excited about motherhood, and it isn't unusual for her to discuss these things on her blog. She linked this particular post to her Facebook, and used the analogy that she was prepared for others to throw rocks at her for her feelings on natural childbirth. It made me so sad that other's do this to people. Shannon has the right to decide her route for childbirth, just as you do, or I do. I feel that every opinion on this matter is important, and has value. I feel that every Mommy has their own reasons for their decision-and they should be respected for it.

The medical field is another aspect that gets rises out of people. Go visit Jorden and Kristin, on a discussion about the H1N1 vaccine. The Mommy-to-be is experiencing lots of judgement on her decision, and I hate that for her. She has done extensive research, and has made the decision that makes her feel the most comfortable about protecting her Sweet P. There are many strong feelings on whether or not to take this vaccine, but everyone has to do what makes them feel the safest.

Religious beliefs always get people going, which is the one that usually blow me away. Christians are supposed to be the least judgemental, right? This is definitely not always the case. I love discussions about religion, especially when my beliefs differ from others. I want to know what you believe and why you believe it. However, it's harder to find non-judgemental conversations about this topic-especially with non-Christians. My religious beliefs are certainly very important to me, and while I can tell you that I believe differently than someone who isn't a Christian, I don't feel that I can look down on you for not seeing my way. I feel that living the Christian life can sometimes be more influential than preaching it. Don't get me wrong; preachers and ministers are remarkable people, and they have a gift to be able to spread God's word in a way that is non-judgemental. Not everyone has this gift. Teaching by example is a powerful tool.

As a Christian, there are certain worldly actions that I don't believe in. However, I am friends with/know lots of people that have done things I don't agree with-but I still love them just the same, and I don't judge them for it. It isn't my place-it isn't my choice. It is my place to love them the way I always have-and pray for them. Judgement will come by Him on the Judgement Day, and it is my prayer that they have confessed their sins before that time comes. It isn't my job to judge them until that time comes.

I don't mind for people to disagree with me. I don't mind to disagree with others. I do mind those that refuse to listen to different points of view. You can remain firm in your beliefs and still listen to a different aspect on any topic. In fact, I feel that listening to different aspects often make me feel stronger in what I believe. I am willing to give anyone's opinion a fair shot, because I'm very aware that I don't know everything. Listening and being open to new opinions will either teach me something new, or strengthen my current feelings. We should all be able to openly believe what we choose, and respect others for agreeing and disagreeing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Under Construction

Hi All! Bare with me as I put my blog under construction for a few days! I'm trying out some new layouts! :)

Wishful Wednesday and a Thank You

I just want to say that I have the BEST bloggy readers ever. You all always have hilarious comments on my posts, but are also genuinely sweet when it is needed most. Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging words over the past few days. You ladies are the best!

For this week, Wishful Wednesday is all about vacations!!

Can I pick two? Yes? Ok, great.


Jason is originally from Gloucester, Mass. We have been dying to make a trip up north so I can see where he comes from, visit Salem, see the Red Sox play, and eat LOTS of seafood.

Riviera Maya, Mexico

I'm dying to go back to our honeymoon spot for another weekend of pure paradise! We stayed at the Aventura Spa Palace, and it was the best vacation ever! Who wouldn't want to go back to a resort that applauds you for walking into the lobby?! It's a fantastic place, and I can't wait to make another trip.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Bloggy Love

Bloggy friends, would you mind praying for us?  Over the weekend, my mother experienced a seizure, but thankfully all tests for serious causes came back clean.  We are so relieved that she is ok and home again, but it was a scary weekend!  My mother is Warrior Woman, for being so brave and strong to endure cancer and anything else thrown her way.  Her doctors are telling us that sometimes these things happen for no reason to healthy people, and because her tests are clear, we can resume to normal. 

She isn't allowed to drive for three months, which is frustrating for her, but we are ready to welcome some extra time with her during car rides.  Although I see her often, I treasure our time together-and look forward to a bit extra time.  I know she will be glad when she can drive again, but this is definitely the best result we could have asked for in this situation.  Please keep us, especially my Mom, in your prayers has she recovers from a tiring weekend-stay at the hospital.  She is definitely ready for things to be normal, and that is exactly what we are going to do! :)

To those of you that were aware of the situation, thank you for your prayers and comforting words over these past few days.  I love you all!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fenway Rearranges

Seriously, what is up with my dog? He is constantly moving his bowls around! Apparently he doesn't quite like them on his mat or in the place we have designated for him. Jason took this quick video of him last night, but once he realized he was being watched, he ran off! Silly puppy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


October is a busy month for my family. We celebrate many birthdays, and also take the time to remember a few loved ones that have passed on. Yesterday was the anniversary of my great-grandfather's death and today is my late grandfather's birthday.

My grandfather lost his battle to cancer when I was extremely young, although I am thankful that I was old enough to remember a few things. I remember some visits and holidays, but most of my memories begin after he was sick. My Dad spent a lot of time travelling back and forth to the hospital out of town to be at his bedside and provide some relief for my grandmother and aunt. I remember spending the Christmas before his death with all of my cousins and family members in the hospital lobby. I was way too young to realize what was really happening, but I remember having fun with my sister and cousins that day. I remember the funeral, and I believe that this was my first experience with a loss of a family member.

My great-grandfather was also a very special man. I was a teenager when he passed away, so I have more vivid memories of time at his house. My great-grandparents were very special people to us, especially my Mom. Mom moved around a lot as a child, and always knew that her grandparents would always be in the same place. They were her place of consistency, something she held dear to her heart. Losing my great-grandparents were the first time I remember seeing my mother truly grieve.

My family has done a fabulous job keeping our lost loved ones alive through our daily lives. Laughing about stories, fixing their special recipes, passing on names. My middle name, Russell, was also the middle name of my Dad, my late grandfather, and my great-grandfather. I carry a piece of 3 very special men in my life simply in my name. I'm not sure if I will ever pass Russell on to one of my children, but I do have intentions of passing on a family name. Today, I remember my family.

Today is also Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. I have read some of your stories of miscarriages and infant loss, and today I remember your lost little ones. If you would like to, MckMama has written a beautiful post about her experience with nearly losing a child, and has prompted those of you that have lost children to share your story in the comments of her post. She is taking today to remember the children that are already in Heaven, and wanting to say a special prayer for each of you while you remember your special child. There are already an unbelieveable amount of stories posted, and these women are comforting each other today. If you feel led to do so, head over to her blog and share your story as well as offer some empathy to others.

Most of you know that I am not a mother yet, but I do hope to be someday. However, I remember a scary, snowy morning when we feared the worst with sweet Riley. My sister woke up one morning to an experience that sent us all rushing to the hospital for an exam and ultrasound. It was not my child, but the love I have for my sweet Riley is indescribable. I can't imagine the fear my sister went through that day. Luckily, things were just fine, and my entire family was able to watch the ultrasound to hear the heartbeat and announce that "Jellybean" was going to be a girl! My sister and whole family were blessed that day, but there are many Mommies out there that have not ended up so lucky. Know that I am thinking of you today, and praying for continuous healing for the loss of your child.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wishful Wednesday


It's Wishful Wednesday, everyone! This cute idea was created by Kelsey over at The Seattle Smith's. It was created to get us all through those hump days to coast easily to the weekend! This is my first Wishful Wednesday because I have not been able to think of anything creative on her previous categories! Head on over to her blog if you want to participate!

This weeks category is 'I wish' I had the talent_____.

I wish I had the talent to play a musical instrument. I simply love piano music. Acoustic Guitar Music. Flute Music. Violin Music. Harp Music. Oh, you get the idea! I always think it is so amazing to watch a talented musician play their said instrument. Pianists have beautiful, long fingers that fly across the keys at lightning speed. It always amazes me to watch as well as hear someone play.

The piano player that we hired for our wedding was absolutely phenomenal! Jason loves U2 music, and really wanted "With or Without You" played at some point in our ceremony, and sent her the music to the song. When I arrived at her house, she informed me that the music he provided was for a string instrument, not the piano. Oops! She made her best attempt to make sense of it, and she managed to pull it off flawlessly! I was blown away, and we unfortunately could not find a great place to put this piece of music into the ceremony. So we ended up using another U2 song at the reception (gotta make my man happy! haha).

So that's it, bloggy readers! Happy Wednesday Morning, and check out Kelsey's blog to participate in Wishful Wednesday! She is also hosting a FANTASTIC giveaway here, so join in on that fun too!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Catch Up and Scarf Swap!

Since I have been M.I.A. in blog world lately, I have a lot of catching up to do! First of all, I received an award! The beautiful Tatiana from "Living Life and Loving It" gave me the "Over the Top" Award! Check out Tatiana's blog if you haven't already. She writes beautiful posts that are so encouraging, and throws in her fantastic flair for fashion once in a while too! Thank you Tatiana!

Speaking of fashion, it's time to post for the Scarf Swap over at Katie's blog Loves of Life! My scarf just came in tonight, so I was really excited! I mailed my partner, Tiffany, her scarf a week or so ago, and am so glad to see that she received it and liked it! Fantastic job Tiffany, it is BEAUTIFUL! Check out Tiffany's blog if you haven't already, it's awesome!

Look at the BEAUTIFUL pattern that she picked out! I laid it out on the floor so you could get a better view of the pattern.
And here is me modeling it. It's rainy in Kentucky tonight. Please ignore the frizzy hair and tired face. It's been a long day! :)
Thanks again Tiffany! You did a fantastic job picking this out!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's, cough, 30th Birthday. (Hey, you celebrate 30 as many times as you want to, right? She still acts 30 to me.)

My Mom and I are fantastic friends. We shop together, we gossip, we tell on ourselves to each other when we think bad things about people, etc. We even try to have lunch together every day during the work week. It's never a good lunch break if I don't get to run by and see my Mom or meet up with her somewhere.

This is my Mom and I after getting our nails done a few days before my wedding:

Mom and I at my wedding shower in April:
Mom and I at a Keith Urban Concert last winter. Yes, my husband and I go to concerts with my parents sometimes. What's so weird about that?! We have a blast. :)

Happy Birthday to my Mommy and best friend! I love you!

Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm really really behind on blogging.  I'm sorry readers.  I've been reading all of yours, but I haven't been commenting much or updating my own.  I have an award to thank Tatiana for, some cute Riley stories, and a funny Fenway video to show you.  I promise I'll blog soon.  

Love to you all.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Jason and I went to a place called Cheekwood in Nashville on Saturday. We went mainly for some shopping and dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (Oh I WISH our town would get one of those! So worth an hour drive), but decided that we also wanted to do something different on this trip. Jason found this beautiful place that has many different Botanical Gardens (A Japanese Garden, an Herb Garden, etc) and an art museum. It was a really neat place to just walk around and enjoy the beautiful weather, and my hubby decided to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery! Take a look:

The back view of the zen garden
Another of the zen garden.
I just love the bamboo trees. They are SO neat at how strong they are even though they are so thin!
Cheekwood has a scarecrow display throughout all the gardens this month, and each sponsor was able to create their own masterpiece. I believe this specific one was from an art company in Nashville. They had some other really cute ones, in scrubs to represent the hospitals, decorated in eco-friendly materials, and tons more. We didn't take many pictures of them though.
Jason was just amazed at the vines all over the place.

This part, in the "Water Garden" was my favorite. There were beautiful waterfalls and ponds and foliage all around. I wish I had brought a book and a blanket to enjoy it a little more!
We also watched many workers work rapidly to set up for a sunset wedding in one of the gardens. It was going to be a beautiful wedding, and the reception was just off the back patio of the museum! It was very elegant, and the perfect weather for a fall wedding! Luckily they were married on Saturday and not Sunday of this past weekend, because Sunday was cold and rainy!! I really wanted to stay and watch the wedding from a distance to see how the ceremony was going to play out, but the park was closing to the public. I'm sure it was beautiful though!
I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Again? Ugh

Thank you all so much for the really sweet birthday wishes! It was a fantastic day, despite being at work for part of it, but my friends and family made up for it that evening and weekend!

My sweet little Tooter-Bug brought me 3 pink roses and a very special "Aunt" card to work!! It really made my work day much brighter!

The card came with a special "Great Aunt" sticker badge, and Riley thought we should share.
I wore my half on my shirt.  Riley, well, put hers right on her face!! :)

My bestie sent me these GORGEOUS flowers to say she was thinking of me all the way up in NYC!! I'm so proud of her, she's living up her dream in NYC to become a Broadway star! I can't wait until my trip up to watch her perform again.  In all our years of friendship, I've seen every single show she's been in.  Miles and distance won't stop me from seeing her in her first Broadway production! I know she's going to make it up there, I have so much faith in her! These flowers made me miss her tons though, I'm so used to having her right here with me!
That evening, we went to my parents house for a family dinner and gifts! I LOVE german chocolate cake, but I insist on having my great-grandmothers icing recipe.  Icing a home made German Chocolate Cake is one of my most vivid memories of my Ganny Eda, so it HAS to be her recipe.  However, Jason has a fabulous straight-from-scratch cake recipe.  So Jason made the cake and my Mommy made the icing.  YUM!  Even though when it came time for me to blow out candles, we used a "2" candle and a "4" candle because we didn't have a 3 in the box! So even though I turned 23, we celebrated 24 haha!

Pictures from the evening include: Me and sweet Fenway...
Opening gifts.  Remember this post? This is why I got Raid!  Such a funny from my sister.  She also treated me to a movie date on Sunday, and made a copy of my wedding video for me!!
Look at that hubby of mine...what a stud muffin! I love that 5 o'clock shadow on him ;)

Riley giggled and grinned all the way through "Happy Birthday." Each time they sang, she LOVED it!  So they sang it rather excessively that night! 

Of course my sweet baby attended the party!
The "23" birthday picture! 
Thanks again for all the wishes! I'll share pictures from the Botanical Garden date that Jason took me on the following day as soon as I get them uploaded!! :) Love to you all!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October!

I love October. Lots of fabulous things happen in October. My birthday is tomorrow (woo hoo!), my Mom's birthday is the 13th, my brother in-laws birthday is the 7th (he's going to be 30 this year!) and my aunt has a birthday on Halloween!

I am not really a Halloween fan. It was a lot of fun as a child, but the whole concept doesn't make much sense to me. It is a lot more dangerous now to allow your children to trick-or-treat because of all the people in the world that want to ruin it for all the good people in the world. Anyway, this post isn't really about Halloween...
It's about Breast Cancer! Today is the first day of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I know most of us are so young that this is a distant thought in our heads, but please don't make it that way. My beautiful Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at 42-an extremely young age for this type of disease, according to her oncologist. Luckily, Mom was always smart enough to remember to get her annual check-ups and mammograms, do the self-checks, and ask a lot of questions. Breast cancer runs in my family, and Mom watched her grandmother pass away from it many years ago. She has always been on top of her health to make sure that cancer didn't take a hold of her life. The doctors caught it early because she made sure to get her check-ups. One surgery and several months of chemo later, my brave Mom is a 6 and a half year survivor.

It was an extremely scary situation because I was so young when it happened. However, I think being only 16 was also a blessing. I was scared for her, but I don't think I ever quite understood exactly the real possibilities of that time in our lives until recently. I only thought of what the next step was to make her better, not of losing her. That part just never hit me. Thank God it didn't. I'm so proud of my Mom for being so strong and brave to fight nearly 7 years ago. Because of her monitoring herself and choosing to fight, she has been able to celebrate 25 years of marriage, see both daughters marry, and watch her first grandchild enter the world. She truly is a hero.

Make sure that you get your check-ups ladies, they will save your life!! You are not too young! I know that each and every one of us have been touched by someone that has had cancer before, and I would love to hear your stories as well. Please share them with me!