Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Scare and An Answered Prayer

I've been doing a lot of trusting in God lately.  God told us to trust in him with our family, and he blessed us with a pregnancy sooner than we ever expected.  God knows my desires of wanting to be a SAHM, and I'm putting all my faith and trust in him that he will make happen exactly where I am meant to be.

Yesterday, I had my very first OB appointment.  I was feeling very confident from our wonderful ultrasound this past Saturday, and just excited to hear more information about our sweet angel.

Subchorionic Hemorrhage.  

I definitely wasn't expecting those words. Heck, I didn't even know what those words meant.  I heard: "small," "likely not to cause miscarriage," but I also heard: "concern," "extra ultrasound to make sure the fetus is still growing."  As soon as the doctor left the room, I burst into tears.

I was terrified.  Thankfully for a very supportive husband and mother, and with the help of a very good friend, research brought me some comfort.  I was still terrified.  I learned that this is the most common abnormality that can be found in an early ultrasound, and often resolves itself in the first trimester.  I also read of heavy bleeding that could occur that would not necessarily mean a miscarriage.  To be mild, I went into a panic.

I never knew how much I wanted this baby until I knew this baby was inside me.  Now I'll do anything to protect it.

I knew nothing else other than just to put full hope and faith and trust into God to take care of my little one.  I had a good friend remind me that God loves this Baby Cannoli more than I do, and I have to trust that he will follow through with his plan for our sweet baby.  

I have to have another ultrasound in 2 weeks, as well as a follow up appointment the Monday after Thanksgiving to make sure that the bleed has not grown.  I also had my prenatal bloodwork done yesterday, so my doctor decided to look at my HcG levels again just to make sure I was on track with where I should be.

God took care of me again.  My doctor called me tonight, and told me that my levels were at 91,000!!  He even made a joke of twins! No, there are no twins in our future, we saw only one baby at my ultrasound. :)

After a very comforting talk, he informed me that my bleed was so small and minor that he hesitated to even mention it to me.  I have been blessed with a very cautious doctor (his caution saved my mother's life) and he opted to take every precaution for my health and the well being of Baby Cannoli.  He also mentioned to me that he only discussed the condition with me so that I did not panic if I began to bleed in the next few days, which is very likely.  I was instructed to still seek medical care, but to know that it was likely the bleed healing itself by passing instead of absorbing into the tissue.  Either way, he has zero concern that this will be detrimental to my pregnancy.

Thank you God, for taking my burdens today, and for reminding me that you love Baby Cannoli more than I do.


Brittney Galloway said...

I'll be lifting you up over the next weeks and asking for it to be resolved just as the dr said!

Bryce and Cecily said...

Oh Paige! I just now caught up on your blog and what a scary entry to start with as I find out you're pregnant. Congratulations on the pregnancy, I'm so excited for you and Jason. I will be praying for you and the Baby Cannoli.

Tatiana said...

Oh, that was a scary thing to go through. I'm sorry girly :-( But isn't God wonderful in the way he loves us and answers all our prayers? I'm so glad that everything worked out well and that your little one is just right on track!
I hope you have a great weekend!

Brittany Ann said...

just catching up, and holy cow! I am so glad everything is OK. You poor thing.

Jamie said...

I'll be thinking about you girl! Glad everything is okay!

Carolyn Webb said...

Paige, I have been reading your blogposts. I have enjoyed them. I didn't know that you have had some problems with your pregnancy. I pray that everything is going well now. I can tell you are so excited. I really do like your Mom and Dad. They are such wonderful neighbors and Jeremy also thinks the world of them. I am looking forward to reading your posts the next few months. I can already tell you and Jason are going to be wonderful parents.