Saturday, November 13, 2010

Boston: Fenway Park Day

Thank you all so much for your concern on my most recent post. Your thoughts, prayers, and kind words mean so much to me. I promise to give you my weekly pregnancy update soon, but I wanted to continue with my Boston recap!

I want to preface the rest of my Boston posts that this trip was 100% PRIOR to our conception of Baby Cannoli. Some of you were sweet enough to express concern related to some of the things we experienced in Boston, as they would not have been safe for our sweet baby. However, we were NOT expecting at this time, and I want to assure you that we have zero concerns that our time spent in Boston will affect Baby Cannoli.

It has been my husband's lifelong dream to see his beloved Red Sox play at Fenway Park. He moved away from Boston when he was very little, and never had a chance to make the trip to Fenway Park until now. So of course, our trip was planned around a time that the Red Sox would be at home. Fenway Park Day was my husband's highlight of our entire trip.
We were major nerds and took the tour of the park. We learned a lot of the history of the ballpark, and were even able to go down onto the field! I thought Jason was going to pass out.
The tour was actually really interesting. I love the fact that Boston and the Red Sox embrace their history, and want to preserve it. They live on the motto: "Just because it's old, doesn't mean it needs to be changed." The entire city, as well as the baseball team, make an effort to utilize all the things that made Boston the wonderful city it is.
Jason thankfully did not pass out when walking down onto the field. I love my husbands childlike excitement. It makes anything we do so much more fun. He sees the magic in everything, and I love that about him.
After a fun-filled morning in the park, we were able to do some shopping and take a look at the city from 52 stories up. I'll fill you in on that part later. For now, onto the game!

My sweet Dad wanted to be a part of my husband's big evening, so he gave us some cash prior to leaving Kentucky and told us to have a beer for him once we got to our seats. This picture is just for him:
Thanks Dad!!

It actually got EXTREMELY cold that evening, so the rest of our evening was spent consuming large amounts of hot chocolate.

Jason and I had fantastic seats. We actually got a ticket upgrade a few days prior to leaving Kentucky, so we were REALLY excited to be 10 rows behind homeplate!
And a photo just to show you how awesome our seats were. Jason was in heaven.

Sadly, our Red Sox lost that evening, but it didn't ruin our time. The atmosphere at the game was incredible, and we LOVED getting to participate in "Sweet Caroline." It was definitely more fun than I ever expected it to be. My husband's huge grin and silly dances throughout the day made my sore feet and back well worth it.

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Jess said...

I love it!

Several years ago, my family went on a trip to Boston. We spent a whole day doing exactly what you did, lol..... tour, food, game.

I really couldn't care less about baseball, but that game turned me into a Red Sox fan. I've never had more fun at a game than at Fenway!