Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Love At First Sight"

We had our first ultrasound yesterday! They started with an abdominal ultrasound to get ovarian and uterine measurements, and then we switched to a vaginal ultrasound to get a better glimpse.

I have been so nervous for this day! My actual appointment isn't until Tuesday, but I knew that seeing the heartbeat would make me feel so much better! The second the tech found Baby Cannoli during the abdominal part, I could see that sweet little flicker and burst into tears. That was the sweetest moment of my entire life.

Baby Cannoli's big beautiful heart beating away at an average of 150bpm:
A glimpse at tiny Baby Cannoli.
Baby Cannoli at another tiny! He/She measured at 7w3d.
Another glimpse at the heart:
After averaging all the measurements of the sac and the baby, the tech dated me at 8w3d, two days later than my calculations. My current estimated due date is now June 15, 2011. The tech said she wasn't sure if the doctor would set my due date base on my calculations or hers, since they were so close together. She was very reassuring and talked with me throughout the entire process, telling me everything she was looking at and looking for. We left feeling very positive and thrilled that Baby Cannoli is growing just as he/she should be.

My parents and sister decided to come along for the ultrasound today too! They took lots of videos and photos, and I'll share them with you as soon as I can figure out how to pull them off FB and onto Blogger.

It was wonderful to be surrounded by everyone during this precious moment. I was SO nervous and worried that we would find something wrong, and to have that large of a support system gave me a lot of comfort. I'm so thrilled that Baby Cannoli is already loved enough that my entire family is willing to get up before 8 on a Saturday morning just to come and take a peek. :)


Jamie said...

Awww how exciting girl! I know y'all are just so happy!

Brittney said...

girl, girl!!! i vote girl!!! just for the record. :)