Monday, November 8, 2010

Boston Catch Up!

In all the excitement of the pregnancy, I totally failed in highlighting our Boston trip! And no, Baby Cannoli is NOT a souvenir from Boston. ;)

We slept in on Sunday to recover from our ridiculously early flight on Saturday, and set off for the markets (aka major tourist traps) and of course, seafood. Kentucky has a really sad representation of seafood, and I was so excited to get a fresh, GOOD lobster.

We found a great little place just off the waterfronts overlooking the boat docks, and enjoyed our 1 1/2 pound lobsters. I've never in my life seen a lobster so big!! It was SO yummy that Jason and I felt it necessary to document:
Then we decided to just walk and see where the streets of Boston took us. We decided to follow the bricks (and no, not the yellow brick road, that's later on in the week!) of the Freedom Trail and take a look at some of our countries oldest history. We took a tour of Paul Revere's house:
As well as the Paul Revere Statue. We also saw a TON of really old churches. We took photos of them, but I honestly cannot remember which church is which...sigh. Oh well.
Did I mention yet that there is A LOT of walking involved with the streets of Boston? I think that Jason and I walked at least 20-30 miles each day. We always came back to the hotel with sore feet and backs. Thank goodness for the hotel hot tub! And for the stops at the local pastry shops for cannolis! My favorite was the plain cannoli with chocolate chips and powdered sugar:
That evening, we took a sunset cruise in the Boston Harbor, and it was really worth seeing! We got to see a lot of the major landmarks from the water, and watch the USS Constitution fire off its cannons! My favorite photo of the night was this one:

Such a beautiful city and skyline. I must say, if Kentucky wasn't my home, I'd be well on my way back to Boston!

Tomorrow I will update you on Jason's favorite and most anticipated part of the trip: His very first visit/tour/game at Fenway Park!


Heather said...

What a fun trip! I love the pictures!

Ellie said...


Congratulations on your pregnancy! FYI, NOT get in a hot tub while you're pregnant -- especially after being dx'd with a SH. It can be very, very dangerous to the baby and can make any bleeding tendency much, much worse. Best of luck!