Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Success!

Black Friday is a total tradition. We rarely NEED to Christmas shop on Black Friday, but my Mom and I always go for fun. My sister started joining us a few years later, and then slowly, my dad and husband started to join too. We love Black Friday shopping, and the deals we find are a bonus!

This year, my sister was sadly unable to be a part of the tradition as she is with her in-laws for the weekend. Jason and I came home from my in-laws house just in time to rest up before my version of the Super Bowl. And this year, Team Orlando came out on top!

We went into a furniture store just for fun, hoping to find some bargains on a dresser that I will also use as a changing table. We're going for lots of storage here! :) Not expecting to find anything, we found a dresser for less than HALF of what we were expecting/willing to pay. Needless to say, we brought it home today. We are considering painting it, and definitely changing out the hardware, but it's perfect.

After successful trips to many other places on the traditional Black Friday list, Santa Claus came early! He brought us the glider chair that we have had our eyes on! We couldn't be more thrilled!

My sister is generously allowing us to use my niece's crib, so with the dresser and glider already purchased, we are ready to begin setting up our nursery!! The only thing left to buy will be a small bookshelf for all the wonderful children's books we will read to our son/daughter.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and a successful shopping trip if you brave Black Friday! I will post pictures of our lovely furniture once we begin arranging the furniture for the nursery (hopefully in the next few weeks).

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