Thursday, August 6, 2009


*Disclaimer: I'm actually in a really good mood today, I've just been working on this post for a few days now.

I'm not even going to lie. I'm bummed out. It's nearing the end of August, and I hate the ends of summers. Not only is summer my favorite season for the warm weather to heat up my cold natured self, my favorite people in the world always venture back to good old Bowling Green and we get to spend tons of time together. It's always fantastic to see my best friends again, and always bittersweet when we part ways in August.

This summer particularly sucks though. Not only are the usual people heading off in their new directions this summer, but some of my regular home frequenters are too!! My favorite co-worker and friend has moved down to Texas to be with her husband as he starts law school. The office is sad and not nearly as fun as it used to be without her. Luckily she texts and calls once in a while, and I get my dose of her humor.

Not only did Sarah leave, but my longest and best friend Ashlee is moving to New York City to pursue a career on Broadway! I know she will be fantastic, and I can't wait to make a trip up there to see her perform. It's weird and strange to know that she won't be 10 minutes away at any given moment. It's weird to think that she's not going to come by at 10pm just for 30 minutes for the sake of saying "Hey" and to escape reality for a bit. Don't get me wrong here-we are lucky that we do have so many wonderful friends here during ANY season. I'm thrilled for everyone that is heading off for new dreams and endeavors, but it is a bummer that so many are leaving.

Sigh. I hate the end of summers. It also means that it's about to get cold outside, and I absolutely hate the cold. I love Kentucky, but I wish we didn't have winters. I'd be perfectly fine without snow for the rest of my life. Jason, on the other hand, loves the cold and snow. I guess moving to a tropical location and selling handmade crafts won't work too well. I guess its time to suck it up and accept that winter is near.

I wonder how Fenway will like the snow.


Anonymous said...

I wonder why the dashboard is being so weird lately. I JUST NOW saw this post. Weird.

Anyways, I'm sad that you're sad! But maybe Fenway will like the weather! :)

Amy Lynn said...

You should just come stay down here for a while in the winter. We don't have seasons... Just cool, warm, hot, hotter, and hottest. :)

Sarah said...

I'll call more and hopefully can come visit soon!!!!!!! Love how I keep getting spots in your posts!!!! keep it up!! haha