Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Prayers

UPDATE: I hate to have to update this post, but Jason's dear friend Pat passed away either last night or this morning. We are so thankful that he was able to spend some special and quality time with his family over these past few months, and he did not suffer for very long. Please continue to pray for them.

I know I feel like my blog has been full of bad news lately, and I apologize. But I need you guys again! I have two more prayer requests that I would love for you to keep in mind over these next several, difficult days.

My cousin Amy, and her boyfriend Ed have recently lost a very special member of their family. Ed's grandmother passed away yesterday. She has been sick for a while, in the hospital for surgery, moved to a rehab place for recovery, back to the ICU, and then to Hospice. While they knew that this was coming, it is obviously still such a difficult time. Please pray for them and Ed's entire family as they try to find peace and comfort.

For our wedding, Jason and I decided to have a dear friend of Jason's family play the piano during the ceremony and at the reception. Pat is a beautiful musician, and a very loved church friend of the entire family. Pat and his wife, Heather have two children around our age. Two months before the wedding, Pat received the terrible diagnosis of pancreatic and liver cancer. Just a few weeks before the wedding, the doctors discovered a tumor on Heather's brain. Treatments began immediately for the both of them, and we were obviously, understandable, but unfortunately unable to see them on our wedding day. This sweet family STILL managed to think of us, and send us a beautiful, loving card just days before our ceremony. They are always thinking of others, no matter what the circumstance. But now is the time that they need people thinking of them. Pat's chemo is not helping, and they have chosen to stop treatments. He no longer has an appetite, and eating causes extreme discomfort. He has chosen to decline any exterior alternatives of nutrition. We received the email yesterday that Pat was now mostly unresponsive, but Hospice is making them as comfortable as they can be. Please pray for this sweet family. Heather is also due for her test results in the coming days on the progress of her chemo and radiation treatments. Their children need prayers for their struggle of the possibility of losing both parents so quickly, Heather needs prayers for her strength to continue to fight her diagnosis as well as comfort for losing her best friend. I know you all don't know any of these people I've been talking about lately, but I also know that you guys are awesome enough that it doesn't matter.

I hope to begin blogging about happier, more upbeat things in the near future. Until then, love to you all!


Anonymous said...

praying fervently. love you.

PaigeR530 said...

Thanks Christine-love you too.

Angie Repetti said...

Prayers and prayers and more prayers...Love you...and thank you for being you!

Shannon said...

:( okay.

Amy Lynn said...

I keep up with your posts via my google reader on my bb, but it doesn't let me comment :( I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you and your prayers. You are so sweet to always think of me and others. We are praying for Pat's family as well. Love you.

Annette said...

You are a precious soul and I thank you for all the prayers for our friend Pat and Heather. God has truly blessed us with you for our family. This was a truly difficult time for all who knew Pat so closely. Love you.