Saturday, August 1, 2009

Prayer Requests

I have some prayer requests for you all to keep on your heart.

First of all, my oldest cousin and his wife have recently given birth to a beautiful baby girl.   Anyway, the baby is beautiful and healthy, but her mother is experiencing some health issues.  She has been returned to the hospital due to the cause of some severe headaches.  I'd rather not go into extreme detail simply because I do not know how much information they would want posted to those they may not know. We are all concerned for her health, and my cousins are frustrated at the loss of time with their baby girl so early in her life.  Please pray for her peace, comfort, and strength.  Pray for the doctors wisdom to do what is best for her so she can go home to be with her child as soon as possible.  Pray for my cousin, who struggles with the frustration of leaving his child in the care of others while he sits with his wife.  Pray for my aunt and uncle, who are enduring more sleepless nights than they expected by staying with the baby so that my cousin can be with his wife as much as possible.

Secondly, for my sweet friend Sarah and her husband, Austin.  Sarah and Austin left Bowling Green yesterday for their new life in Texas.  Austin will be starting law school in a few weeks, and this is a big change for the both of them.  Although Texas is Austin's home state, they will not be living close to Austin's family during his time in school, and Sarah's family remains in Tennessee.  Please pray for an easy transition and adjustment; that they will be able to meet and make new friends quickly; and that Sarah will be able to find a job quickly to support the two of them while he begins his studies.  Also, Sarah has recently joined the bloggy world and is requesting some followers!! ;)  She only has a few updates, but promises that she would update more as they are settled and as her follower list grows!!

Love to you all.


Anonymous said...

i'm so praying for you guys. let me know if there's anything i can do for you.

PaigeR530 said...

Thanks Christine. You are a doll.

Amy Lynn said...

Mommy just told me about Amanda and Justin, that's so sad. I'm keeping them in my prayers too. Love you.