Monday, August 24, 2009

Did I Mention that Jennifer Creed is Awesome?

I have been promising you guys a peak at my GORGEOUS wedding album for a while now. Let me do ANOTHER Jennifer and Chris Creed rave and show you how fantastic this album is! We had a great evening with Chris and Jenny just a few short weeks after the wedding to see all the photos, as well as start the discussion of our album! Other than Jenny's amazing eye for creative pictures, I was obsessed with the albums she advertised. Take a look at my very amateur pictures of our beautiful album. Then go on over to Jenny's post to see HER take on our album, and an album of another beautiful wedding just a few weeks after ours.

Without further ado:

I just LOVE the cover. Not only is it a beautiful, strong, soft leather, it is also two of our wedding colors! There were so many cover options, from colors to textures, it was definitely a hard choice! We made this decision quickly, otherwise I would have NEVER made my mind up!

One of my favorite layouts we selected. Jenny created SO many beautiful spreads to be featured in our book, and we had to cut them down to fit within our budget. It was extremely difficult to decide which spreads to keep and which to eliminate, but I think our final selections managed to tell the story through our eyes and Jenny's creative eyes.
A view of the intro spread, and a semi-decent view of how thick these pages are. They are SO thick and sturdy, I love it. When we passed around our album, many tried to take their fingernails to "separate" the pages thinking that they were stuck together. That has been the only downfall to such thick pages: I'm afraid someone will ruin a corner because they are trying to "separate" pages. When someone tries this, it's definitely easy to just throw in there "Isn't it fantastic how thick and sturdy the pages are?" So far, we have been able to prevent damage. I LOVE how the pages lay so flat on either side so that you don't lose a single detail of a photo that is in a crease. You can leave the book open without having to worry about it turning pages FOR you too!

And another view of the thick pages, and probably what ended up being my favorite spread in the album. We have it open to this beautiful page in our foyer, for everyone that enters through our front door to see their fabulous work and designs.

Jenny and Chris, thank you AGAIN for being so fantastic. I must say, I don't think there is another photographer out there that is so excited to deliver your finished product, that they will drive all the way downtown and search for you at a summer Concert in the Park. Believe it or not, that is exactly what Jenny and Chris did. We were already out for the evening, and I received a text from Jenny that our album had been delivered to her house that day. We were leaving town the next morning, and she wanted us to have our album for the weekend and asked us if she could meet us where ever we were at so that we could see. Now, that, ladies and gentlemen, is genuine love for your job, products, and customers.

I have to say, as I've said before: I HATED wedding planning and all the bittersweet lessons that come along with it. The ONLY reason I would ever go through another wedding (vow renewal included) would be to use these two fantastic photographers again. Jenny, I hope that one day I can convince you into some family pictures when that time comes! :)


Shannon said...

wow, i love it!!! i love the page that you do too! so cool that the pages are so think. i imagined them as being like yearbook-style pages. so neat!

Lisa H said...

It's a beautiful album full of happy memories. Thanks Jennifer and Chris!

Lyr said...

I swear… that is the one thing I lacked on. I wish I could do my wedding all over again just for that!!! Man! Didn’t get the best photographer, but it also was just before digital cameras came out. Editing on digital work is so much better than on film.

They are lovely Paige!!! I know it’s something you’ll be able to treasure forever!! ;)

Annie said...

the album looks awesome!!
it holds memories that will last a lifetime :)

katie + bret said...

Very beautiful! Wedding albums are so exciting! I couldn't have just one so I have 6! They are also on my list as the FIRST thing to grab if there is a fire!

Lyr said...

The tattoo… YES… it hurt, but not for long! ;)

Anonymous said...