Saturday, August 15, 2009


Before I create my next blog about how incredibly fantastic Jennifer Creed is, and share my beautiful album with you-I've got something else to share.

A new bloggy friend of mine recently began a giveaway on her post.  I normally don't participate in giveaways, but this one was for the cause of adoption.  A few of her friends have began a long process to adopt a precious little girl from China.  She opened this giveaway to raise money for the expensive and lengthy process for her friends.  Go over to Lyryn's blog and check it out.  

This giveaway tugged at my heart a little, since Jason and I have always wanted to adopt. Although we would like a couple little ones of our own (SOMEDAY, not anytime soon for those of you that are wondering), we also have future plans to give a child the love that he/she deserved from their biological parents couldn't or wouldn't.  

Anyway, go check it out!


Lyr said...

Thank you do much for your donation and your willingness to write this. What a blessing you are! I'm so glad that I get to meet new people like you on this blog!!! You have blessed me!!! Thank you!!!!

Katie said...

hey paige! I left you something on my blog :)


Heather said...

Cute blog...we have great taste is blog names...LOL. Cant wait to read more.

PS LOVE your wedding dress, so beautiful!

Melissa said...

Hi there, i found your blog through a comment on Lyryn's blog. I love the name of your blog!

A couple things...
I love Panara beagles too! yum!
Your puppy is adorable.
Your wedding pictures are beautiful.
And how cool that your sis and her family live so close!

Well, i just wanted to say hello.

Kelsey Smith said...

Just found your blog through a friend and look forward to following more!