Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baby Sitting Riley

I'm just so excited!! This past weekend, after 16 months, I FINALLY got to baby-sit Riley for the first time! And I must say, we had a BLAST! She is just so smart!! We played in the tupperware cabinet...
She played her self-composed piece on the piano for me: (She thinks she's Ray Charles).
And modeled Ah Paish's sunglasses. They look SO much cooler upside down.
Or pushed to the side. What a diva:
And we even went exploring under the bed! We found a Bitty Baby, a Valentine Puppy, and even a GlowWorm!! Big things under that crib:
Jason stopped by too (in case you were wondering HOW I managed to take a picture of both of us under the bed). He brought a very speical treat to Riley: A chocolate milkshake! She was definitely best friends with him for the rest of the night.

I just HAVE to brag on Miss Riley for a minute. Ashley has been working really hard with 16 month old Riley to begin the potty training stage. She's been trying to get her used to being in the bathroom as well as being comfortable with sitting on a potty, and recognizing when she needs to go. In just a few days, Riley has really come a long way. She has gone from being scared to sit on her potty to being OBSESSED with her potty. She was having a great potty day when I showed up Saturday night, and it continued! She loved playing patty cake while sitting on the potty, and she managed to go potty THREE times that evening. As soon as we put her diaper back on, and left the bathroom, she was right back in there sitting on it. It was definitely a fun game to play, but she was also very productive! She loved waving "bye-bye" as we flushed the toilet. She also tried putting my sunglasses into her potty! Thankfully, I had already transferred the urine to the real toilet, and cleaned it. So no damage to the sunglasses, but I think my sister is about to have her hands full on the game "Let's see what we can flush."

Way to go Riley! We are so proud of you!!


Amy Lynn said...

Awww! She is just too cute for words!!!! Sounds like she is in a fun stage of life. I hope she doesn't flush anything too important, lol. I also hope you get to babysit her more often and keep us updated on Riley adventures :) I'm such a proud great cousin!

Annie said...

she is too cute!!
glad you got to watch her!
when i have my nephew over his favorite thing is my tupperware cabinet! i never realize how much i have until he drags it all out ;)

Lyr said...

That is so great!! What a special time! She it too cute!

Katie said...

that looks like so much fun :) you're almost as tiny as Riley! haha.

Good for her getting on the potty training boat early! awesome. Ps: i'm a huuuuge fan of the name riley, and currently adore this spelling: Rylee or Ryleigh.

Shannon said...

You haven't babysat Riley until now?!!? Wowzers!!! but way to go for her getting potty trained!!!!! Love seeing children get trained before 2 years :] She's a smart cookie!!!! and getting WAY big. there's no way that's actually Riley. it seems like it was just yesterday when I saw her first birthday party! *tear* :]

Laura and Ryan said...

How cute is she? I love babysitting potty trained kids! What a fun age too! :)

katie + bret said...

How stinkin' cute and what a great age!! I am glad you guys had fun together - I see music in her future! :)