Monday, August 24, 2009

Not My Child! Monday

I love Not Me Monday! I haven't participated in a while, mainly for lack of creative ideas. Not that I've been perfect, I just couldn't think of ways to make it funny enough. Anyway, head on over to MckMama's blog and join in on the fun! This week is Not My Child! Monday. Since I don't have any children, I chose to do a slightly different rendition and do a Not My Puppy! Monday. Since Fenway is my baby and all.

My puppy is certainly not spoiled. Jason and I would never give a dog so much attention, especially when we know that attention will eventually have to be shared with other little ones in the house (in a few years of course!). So I definitely do not love showing off adorable pictures of his mischievous actions. Of course I'm not using a carnival blog set up to air out the dirty laundry of things children did this week to talk about my puppy! Nope! Not me!

Fenway is not known for stealing laundry. If you change your shirt and drop it to the floor while you put on a new one, of course it will still be right where you left it 15 seconds later. My puppy would definitely not steal your T-shirt, jeans, towel, sock, or any other article of clothing that is within his reach! Nope! Not Fenway! So of course Fenway would never steal one of my flip-flops for his chewing pleasure! And when Momma took away the flip-flop and put it on the coffee table out of reach, he definitely did not just go get the other flip-flop! Once they had both been taken away, he definitely did not try to jump up on the coffee table to try to get them back. Nope! Not Fenway!

Since I've made it very clear that Fenway does not try to steal things that aren't his toys to play with, he definitely did not try to take Daddy's hammer while he was working in the yard today. He did not lay beside it and stare at it intently, and then move to his Daddy's side while Daddy put it into use, and then charge after it as soon as Daddy put it back down to attempt to take it away for playing. Nope! Not Fenway!
And of course, the hammer was not way too heavy for our little guy to drag off, so we were great puppy parents and did not laugh during his attempts. We would never laugh at our little guy!

All right guys! Happy Monday! We all know that I LOATHE Mondays, so let's cross our fingers for a good one! I'm hoping for an exceptionally good week for me and for all of you!


Annie said...

that is too funny!
your little pup is so cute :)

Katie said...

I love this because it's so applicable to my puppy too...oh man...could I do some incredible "not my puppy monday's"..haha...

Lyr said...

This is so cute! You are a proud mommy! ;)

I think we would be fantastic friends too! I never use to be a person who liked meeting new people, but I have found a new side me which led me to so many great new people!!! That's what I love about the blogging world, so many people to encourage and support one another! I love that, and I love that about you! (Can you tell I'm feeding the "ego" again, lol)

Dance, yes! I love dance, but I'm more of a choreographer. I was in a christian dance team for 8 years that I absolutely loved. We did a bunch of everything. My dance leader (who is now my mother-in-love) I swear, was ahead of her time. You know that modern dance you see on "so you think you can dance." She made us do that! We thought she was crazy, but now we love it.

I have a friend who is a great dancer, I choreograph all the time and want her to do my dances... but it always get pushed to the side. Another passion of mine. Oh man... this was a long comment. I should just email you next time! ;)

Lisa H said...

My youngest granddog sure is cute when he's "NOT" doing anything he shouldn't!