Friday, August 14, 2009

Jennifer Creed

So I haven't posted my HUGE rave over my wedding photographer, Jennifer Creed. She is FANTASTIC!!! I have two posts just for her, one with my favorite photos, and the second gushing over the beautiful wedding album she created for us.

Let's get started shall we?
This is one of my favorite shots of the back of my dress. I LOVE the lighting in this shot, it makes it look so vintage.
There are several of these shots that I just love. We had a beautiful first dance, and she got so many great shots of it!

Oh gosh, I just love these by the willow tree and pond. What a beautiful golf course!!

ULTIMATE favorite. This picture has its own two page spread in my album. Simply beautiful.

Inside the hotel.

In my room right after I got dressed.

I think this shot is just so neat, especially with the train of my dress the way it is.

Look at that sweet man. I love that Jenny's husband, Chris, got this fabulous picture of his first expression after he saw me.

Is he cute or what????

Our rings. I have no idea where she set them up to do this, but it's gorgeous.

Love this photo of the two of us. One of my favorites.
Taking a moment together.

In the lobby of the hotel. Love this one too.
I love this one because he looks so dang hot in it. HAHA!

I never thought the exterior of this hotel was very pretty until Jenny took this shot. How gorgeous is this?!?!
One of my favorites with me and my ladies.

My wonderful hubby helping me jump the fence.

In the glass elevator.
A beautiful shot of my dress in the hotel room.

This one just seems so soft and peaceful to me.

Jason loved his Chucks! :)
One of my favorite ceremony shots.
This shot HAS to make the top 5 favorites. Jenny worked SO hard on this, and so did the wedding party! They literally RAN across the shot, and in circles trying to make this work for us. Fabulous!
Jason just looks so happy in this picture. I love his smile.
This shot is just so dang COOL!! I think she got some weird looks from some of the family while they were watching her work on this shot, but she definitely knew what she wanted to get!

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Jason's favorite shot of the day. He LOVES The Beatles, and the Abbey Road album is his favorite. This is an imitation of the cover of that album. Jason LOVES it.
If there is ANYONE that is engaged, you HAVE to contact her for your engagement photos or your wedding. Jenny and Chris are absolutely phenomenal, and they did everything that we ever could have asked for and more. They worked their tails off all day long to make sure they got every picture they possibly could from the day. Even after I told them that they could head home, seeing the exhaustion in her face, they stayed with us. They stayed with us until the moment we left our reception, and even a few moments after to get some photos of hugs and tears. Check out her website, and CONTACT HER!!!


Shannon said...

:D how cute. I'm glad you'll always have these pictures forever!!! Such great memories!

Christine said...

so so so cute!!! :)

Lyr said...

Wow... these are beautiful! Awesome photographer!

Jen Creed said...

Ummmmmm...I just cried. No joke :) I love you all! Best clients ever award :)

Amy Lynn said...

I love all of these... but I think it's especially cool that she found such beauty in the hotel lobby. Beauty that nobody else would see in that lobby.... And I think it's awesome that Me and Ash are in your favorite "run around" picture :) lol..

PaigeR530 said...

Coincidence Amy? I think not. ;)

Angie Repetti said...

It was a beautiful are a beautiful bride...just looking at these brings it all back! What a wonderful day...and what wonderful memories you'll have forever and ever...Love you Paigey...and Jason too!

In this wonderful life... said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures! Love them!!

Laura and Ryan said...

I just found your blog through Katie. Love your pictures!