Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Well I never...

So my friend Christine has a pretty entertaining blog. She started the "Well I never posts yesterday, and I thought I would take a stab at it myself!

1. I have NEVER gone into Target and spent less than 30 minutes there. I usually go with a goal in mind, with a few set things to pick up. But who in their right state of mind can POSSIBLY pass up the 1 spot? Or going to check out some awesome flip flops? I absolutely love Target's card selection, so even when I go for cards, I spend 30 minutes. I read all kinds of cards, even for occasions that I have no need to even be looking at. I check out their awesome stationary, the boxes of cards, invitations, you get the idea. Never, ever-let me repeat-EVER believe me when I say I am just going to run to Target "really quick." Even when Jason and I went to pick up a plunger, we ended up in the garden section. Who knows? However, I now have my idea for number 2.

2. I have NEVER been embarrassed by Jason's crazy antics until "Target Plunger Day." Jason is the kind of spirit that will dance down the aisles at the grocery store, test out the new bikes at Wal-Mart, etc. I love that about him, he makes life so full of suprises. Usually, I join in with him. However, on "Target Plunger Day," I could have crawled under a bush.
Story time.

A couple of Sundays ago, I was curled up on our couch with a book and blanket, ready for some reading and a much needed nap. Jason comes into the room to announce that we needed a plunger. Oh dear, here we go. So, off to Target we go. We go straight for the plunger section, and there is one with a "pretty handle." (Clear with a decorative circular top thing, instead of that yucky wood that looks rotted after a few uses.) *Disclaimer-ABC Family was also airing every single Harry Potter movie this certain weekend.*
Anyway, we grab the plunger and Jason INSISTS on being the one to carry it. Ok, fine. I wasn't quite sure what the big deal was, but ok. I wanted him to come to the garden section with me to look at these lights I want to put around the sidewalk. As we are walking, he says "Wait stop." He jumps in front of me to face me, takes that freakin' plunger and uses it like a sword and taps both of my shoulders. He then goes on to say "I knight thee, Princess of the Poo Poo wand." KNIGHTED ME in the middle of freakin' Targer with a stupid plunger. My face turned bright red, and that was all it took. The plunger was now a magic wand that did anything he wanted. He pointed it at people and cars (once we got to the parking lot) and said things like "Be GONE! You gremlins!"

At one point, I grabbed the "wand" out of his hand out of pure humiliation, and it broke my nail. He laughed malicously and said "The wand doesn't like you. It chose me, not you." His wand later turned into his magic broom as he "flew" to the car.

Sigh. I really didn't want children immediately after the wedding, but I'm afraid I may have to reconsider so that my silly husband has someone to play with.

3. I have never seen the movie Old School. I know, I know. My boss says I have no street cred because of this.

4. I have never gotten over my fear of the dark. Seriously. I think that walking around the dark automatically sets you up for people jumping out at you.

You try it now! What are some things you have never done?!


Anonymous said...

i LOVE this. and I LOVE that story. hahaha. it cracked me up. great job! :)

Amy Lynn said...

Hahahahaha. I am the same way with Target. And I never spend less than like $20. The plunger story is hilarious! He is going to be a great dad. He won't be embarrassed by his kids being silly... they are going to be embarrassed by him!!!! I love it.

PaigeR530 said...

Our kids are definitely going to be embarassed by him. He has already told me his form of punishment when our kids get to high school is to dress up in COSTUMES and walk them to school. He's already plotting ideas for costumes. My poor babies...