Friday, March 13, 2009

Finally Friday!!

YAY! I have finally gotten a template that I like, now I can start adding more blogs! 

It was a CRAZY day at work today.  Life in the insurance business never gets dull! From people having accidents swearing that the accident was "the road's fault," to women not understanding that there are NOT 4 months in quarter, to people that say only 1 car can fit in the garage because there is only 1 garage door.  Most days, I love my job.  The people I work with are hilarious, and that makes for some interesting moments.

I have a feeling this is going to be a pretty boring blog.  I planned on posting LOTS of adorable pictures of sweet Riley, but I'm super tired.  I started drafting this before my favorite uncle came over to fix our internet, and now all I want to do is sleep!

I hope everyone had a marvelous Friday, I promise to post a much more exciting blog tomorrow.

P.S. I want to post a special prayer request tonight.  A family friend of Jason's has recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has begun aggressive chemotherapy.  Please keep him in your prayers as his family goes through this tough time.


Anonymous said...

I will certainly pray. And ps...I love your new template!

Shannon said...

aww, will do! and your blog is def not boring! :]

Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

Anonymous said...

Marriage is so wonderful. Congratulations and keep us posted with lots of pictures!!