Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baby Stellan

Lately my facebook and blog posts have mentioned baby Stellan, which most of you probably do not know. I have never met this sweet baby, but I love his mother's blog. She is the brains behind Not Me! Monday, and posts beautiful photos of her 4 small children.

Stellan is the youngest of the 4, around 5 months old. While MckMama was carrying him, doctors became very concerned about little Stellan's heart. With many trips to the hospital and check-ups, the doctors said that Stellan would not live. A C-section was scheduled to deliver Stellan with many NICU nurses and cardiologists ready to take care of Stellan and his sick heart. However, when Stellan was born, there were no traces of his heart condition. The doctors even stated that if they had not known the circumstances before going into the C-Section, they never would have known baby Stellan had ever been sick. To read all the details and the rest of Stellan's incredible story, check this link out. Stellan's life truly is a miracle.

In the past few days, Stellan's heart condition has returned and is facing serious complications that could be life-threatening. His heart rate has been in a dangerous level of 200-300 beats per minute. The past few days have been pretty topsy-turvey has it goes from bad, to good, to better, to worse, to REALLY bad, back to good, etc. It saddens me to hear about a child that is this sick. To know the relief that my sweet niece was born beautiful, healthy, and thriving was something that can't be explained. It is difficult imagine precious Riley in this situation, there is no way I can understand exactly how MckMama is feeling right now. It makes me realize yet again just how lucky our family is to have such a healthy baby girl in our lives.

What's amazing about this blog is how many lives this family and little boy have touched. During the time his mother was pregnant, followers of this blog wrote Stellan's name in every way imaginable. His name was in sand, snow, paper, food items, candy, rubber duckies, headlights, church signs, McDonald's signs, etc. These photos came from all around the United States and even in different parts of the world. To see a photo of a tribe of women from the Ivory Coast in West Africa to hold a sheet of paper with Stellan's name on it is really something.

Thousands of comments from blog followers have been posted over the past four days to send their words of prayer, comfort and encouragement to MckMama as her son battles SVT. These comments are from mothers telling stories of how they have prayed for Stellan with their 4 year old child, how their children are asking their playground friends if they know Stellan and if they are praying for him too. There are comments from hopefuls with no children, followers that can empathize, and followers like me that have recently learned about this story. One poster even told MckMama "I have prayed these past three days for your son more than I have prayed in the past two years." How amazing is this?

Stellan's life is a miracle because he survived a situation that doctors never would have expected, and was born without a trace of SVT. But his current situation is also his miracle. He's not even old enough to tell it, yet his story is reaching people all over the world. His story is teaching children about God and prayer, and bringing adults back to prayer that have strayed away from their faith. I'm sure that Stellan's story has even put faith in to some that have never known God, and motivated them to learn and know.

I hope and pray Stellan survives this battle for another miracle, so that he can grow and live to tell his story in his own words, and reach even more people the way his MckMama has. His mother's strength is incredible. She talks about son that shows utmost concern and fear, but also peace. We are all human, we all worry even though God tells us to cast our worries upon him. I know this is something I struggle with, and I'm sure many other's do as well. During Stellan's first night in the hospital, MckMama talked about knowing that Stellan's length of earthly life is strictly God's will. She stated that even if God chose to take Stellan at this time in his life, she and her husband would cling to God and know that it was his will. It amazes me that even in the heat of the moment of Stellan's illness, his mother can focus on casting her worries and son's illness upon him and know that God will do what he knows is best no matter what. If you read her messages, it truly puts things in perspective.

Sorry to be so longwinded today guys. Baby Stellan has been in my thoughts for a few days now, and I thought I would share them with you all. Have a wonderful day.

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Anonymous said...

i so love that you dedicated a post to Stellan. He is such a precious blessing. It's crazy how such a small baby can be on so many hearts at the same time. God sure does work in mysterious ways,and I am hoping and praying that He helps Stellan get through this so he can tell his very own story. He is such a miracle baby as it is.