Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Me! Monday-Stellan Style

It's time for Not Me! Monday! This post was created by MckMama, mother of 4 small children. Most of you have read my post about her sweet youngest child, Stellan a few days ago. A Facebook group sent the idea to make Not Me! Monday ALL about Stellan.

This week, I most certainly did NOT think about Stellan all during work. He was NOT on my mind for hours on end, just waiting to get home so that I could check on his progress for the day. And because I simply couldn't stand not checking on sweet Stellan, I most certainly did NOT sign up for Twitter texts from MckMama. Now I can know exactly what is going on as soon as she sends it. Because Stellan is NOT on my mind.

I also have most certainly NOT woken up in the middle of the night and think about Stellan. I normally end up falling asleep at my new home for a short while before I head back to my house for the night. When I woke up this week to go home, I most certainly did NOT check out MckMama's page to see how he was doing.

Stellan is certainly NOT in every single one of my prayers.

And now, as I receive a message that MckMama is about to post an update to her blog, I am NOT hitting refresh every 5 seconds in hopes of some good news for this sweet baby.


Shannon said...

aww :[ Same here. Yesterday I got really worried when she wouldn't say what the new treatment was. Sigh. Hope he gets healed soon.

Anonymous said...

i did all of those things too!!! Poor precious baby stellan. i love that boy.