Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Vacation Time?! No, it's just March

I know I missed Not Me! Monday. I had actually thought of a few cute things throughout the week involving my sweet niece that a good aunt would never do. Such as let her play with my car keys with only 5 minutes left on my lunch hour, causing her to cry when I absolutely had to take them away. I would never do that. (As you can tell, that guilt is lingering.)

I actually chose not to participate in Not Me! Monday for the sadness of MckMama's sweet baby Stellan. An 8 month old child that was believed to die in the womb due to heart conditions was born perfectly healthy. Yesterday, his heart rate jumped up to nearly 300 bpm. The doctors and nurses have had extreme difficulty lowering baby Stellan's heartrate, and his condition is becoming more severe and scary. I have continued to check the status of sweet Stellan, but sadly, no good news yet. MckMama's miracle baby is a baby that beats the odds of the doctors, and I hope and pray he does it again.

I'm bummed out today. I'm tired. I'm cranky. I want a vacation. I really do love where I work, who I work for, and who I work with. We joke and have fun and it's not always a serious "work environment." We work very hard, but we also have a great time together. We all get along really well. The days we don't get along? Rather than gossip about each other, we just tell it to the person's face. I remember working at my last job where it was CONSTANT gossip, bickering, and absolutely no humor. I am extremely lucky to have a job in this economy, especially a job that I enjoy on most days.

Of course there are bad days. Of course customers are stupid sometimes. Of course I make mistakes. I understand that and know that bad days make the good days worth looking forward to. And at my job, the good days outweigh the bad. But right now, even though most of the days are still very good, I feel like I need a break. My batteries need to be recharged.

Sadly though, my vacation doesn't come until our honeymoon in May. We only get a certain amount of vacation time, and I am using a large majority of those days for the wedding and honeymoon. I really hate to use any days before, because then I will be halfway through the year without any vacation time left. Which means no extra time to take for the holidays, in case of sickness, or family emergencies.

Sigh. I don't know what's wrong with me today, I'm in just one of those moods.

Since this note has so many negative aspects today, let's end on a happy note! FortCox is heading out of Kentucky late tonight/early tomorrow to visit her hubby after two long months of separation. Her husband has joined the AirForce, and he had to leave for training just 2 weeks after their wedding. He is graduating this weekend, which means 4 days for her to reunite with her husband! I know hardly any of the jargon of the military or AirForce, so I tried to explain without any of it. However, if any of this information is incorrect FortCox, let me know and I can correct it. If any of you other readers want to know more details, head on over to her blog and check it out! Pray that she has a safe trip, wonderful weather for graduation, and a spectacular 4 days with her hubby.

Hope everyone has a great day.


Anonymous said...

paige. you are precious. if i had any idea how to link to someone's page, i'd be doing it all the time. i love that you care so much about other people. i, too, have been checking the updates on Stellan, and praying fervently. All we can do it pray. Pray, and trust in God.

PaigeR530 said...

:) Thanks Christine, that really made my day better.

P.S. There is a button in the toolbar where you write your blog at that says "Insert Link." Click it, and there is a place where you can either insert the URL and the whole URL link will pop up, or you can highlight a word you have already typed and click that button and paste the URL into the space and that word will be the link. Make sense?? If not, let me know, I can try to help you some more.

Shannon said...

you mentioned ME!! little old me!! :]]] i am waiting by the phone like a CRAZY WOMAN. still no call from Mark. ahhhhhhhhhh i'm going CRAZY!! my nervous colon syndrome is also going crazy. blah. love the post though! :D