Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy Saturday!

Happy weekend everyone!  I absolutely love my weekend time, especially the weekends I get to sleep in! Today I slept until a wonderful 11am! I feel rested, rejuvenated, and ready to enjoy my two days off work!

This is one of the last weekends before the wedding that I don't have a ton of busy plans!  I just checked my countdown, and we have 77 days to go! AH!  I rarely check the countdown, and I always find it funny when people come up to me and say, "Isn't it crazy that you are getting married in (insert number of days here) days?!" It throws me off EVERY single time because I don't pay much attention.  I know that the big day  is coming, but hearing exactly how many days is left always makes it sound much closer.

Next weekend is our first meeting with our Day of Coordinator to discuss details of the ceremony.  I'm not quite sure of everything we will be discussing, but I'm pretty excited about this part of the plans!  Then the final weekend of March is our very first wedding shower!  Jason's church back home has organized a wonderful shower for us after church, and I'm pretty excited about it.  We haven't been to Henderson since Christmas, so it will be nice to make a day trip.

April is going to be ridiculously crazy for us.  We have another shower planned for us by my wonderful sister, as well as my niece's first birthday party! I cannot wait to watch her dive into her very first birthday cake.  Riley is a child after my own heart.  Her appetite is absolutely incredible.  My mom watches her during the week while my sister works part-time, and I often get to go home for lunch and see her for an hour a day.  I try to go during  her lunch time so that we can eat together.  Often, I believe she eats more than me.  I can't wait to see her dominate a whole cake, I know she can do it! She's prepping that adorable little poochie tummy for months! 

Today is a day for some miscellaneous errands, laundry, and maybe even another blog this evening.  I'm going to enjoy this "minimally" busy weekends while I still can!  Have a wonderful Saturday everyone!

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Anonymous said...

paige! you are so cute! i can just imagine that you will be such a pretty bride! hard to believe that i have known you since 1st grade. haha. and now look at us...blogging!