Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have been a complete and absolute blog slacker this weekend.  We have been running around like crazy working on wedding planning.  Starting next weekend, the majority of our weekends until the wedding are completely full, leaving us not much time to accomplish things.

We met with our Day of Coordinator to settle some preliminary things for the ceremony and reception such as the menu, set up, etc.  Then my sister, Mom and I hunted for miscellaneous wedding items, birthday items for sweet Riley, and just running around town.

Speaking of-can you believe my sweet little niece is already 11 months old?! In exactly 1 month, we will be celebrating her very first birthday, and I can't wait! She is going to be the cutest little birthday princess!

I had intended to begin "Stupid People Sundays" this week, but I am currently at a loss of what happened in the previous work week.  I think I am going to start documenting throughout the week so that I can remember them by Sunday.

I am SUPER proud of my Hilltoppers for playing so well in the tournament and demonstrating a high amount of class during their sad loss against Gonzaga this weekend.  It was a hard fought game, and those boys should definitely be proud of themselves.  However, my awesome Louisville Cardinals are still going strong, so let's go CARDS!

Stay tuned for Not Me! Monday tomorrow! I hope everyone had a great weekend!


Shannon said...

wow.. stupid people sundays? I'M SO IN!!!! :D i, too, will need to document what goes on during the week.. haha..

PaigeR530 said...

Wahoo!! :)

Aileigh said...

Fellow KYian sayin HI! :) Caught up with you through MckMama. Love the cake! How talented is your momma!?!? :)

PaigeR530 said...

Thanks Aileigh! So sad to hear about Baby Stellan on MckMama's page this morning, keep those prayers going!

Anonymous said...

yay!!! you are going to do "Stupid People Sundays" Like we talked about!! Woohooo! I can't wait!