Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today, I'm 24 weeks pregnant.  It's been such a struggle, and a long 24 weeks. My sweet Ethan has endured more trials in his little womb than I ever would have dreamed.  He and I have been a total package these past 24 weeks.  In my heart struggles, they had to save me to save him.  My poor little boy stood no chance if they weren't able to get my own health under control.

Today, that changes.  Today, my little strong man stands a chance. Lord forbid something else occur, but I take extreme comfort in knowing that it doesn't have to be the total package anymore.  We have finally reached the point in pregnancy that if something else horrible happens, Ethan could be born and continue to fight like hell no matter what my circumstances are.

I realize that an infant born at 24 weeks gestation result in extreme risks, health concerns, problems and trials.  I certainly want Ethan to remain in his "incubator" for as long as he can.  I'm not making any statements that I want Ethan to be born yet.  What I am saying is that today, he stands a chance.  When we thought that we were going through a regular pregnancy, I'm not sure that the 24 week milestone would have meant as much to me.  However, we didn't get the choice of a regular pregnancy.  So today, I'm having a small silent celebration with my growing baby boy.  We've reached his age of viability.  He finally has the chance he deserves to grow and thrive without me.

And that feels pretty darn relieving.


Erika and Jason said... is a HUGE milestone. For everything you have had to go through hopefully today is a bright spot to share with Ethan:-) This is the next milestone I can't wait for, even with a "normal" pregnancy I will feel much more comforted at the 24 week mark. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

My dearest second cousin, Paige (Jason's Mom, Annette and I are first cousins and grew up together), my prayers have been with you. I know what it's like to struggle through a pregnancy having lost my son's twin and nearly losing him. My health was good but for some reason, my body revolted against the pregnancy and I was sick nearly the entire 10 months. He was born weighing 7lbs. 9 oz. during hurricane Alaina when we lived in Florida. I pray that you carry your son full-term and that he brings you as much joy as my son has brought me these many years. God bless you. Cousin Terri

lessonsinlifeandlight said...

Fantastic, brilliant, excellent news. Keep on baking, baby!

Lisa said...

I am celebrating that both my baby, and her baby are hanging in! God has blessed us!!

Jax said...

I am so happy for you! With each week that passes, little Ethan gets stronger and stronger and better able to make it on his own in the outside world and that makes me so freaking happy! Isn't it amazing how far technology and medicine have come that 24 weeks is considered viable?! I think that's OUTSTANDING! Saying prayers for you and your little man growing inside your tummy. I pray for a noneventful, healthy, fabulous rest of your pregnancy. :) Sending love!

Annie said...

i'm happy for you hun! you have been through so much! so amazing that you are now to 24 weeks and all is going so much better!
praying for you and your little E! :)

Brittany Ann said...

It's so crazy and amazing that a) our tiny babies have the will, and b) we as a society to have the technology, to give them a fighting a chance should they need it.

Praise God for this point. I am so happy for you!