Sunday, March 27, 2011

27 Weeks

27 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 147.  A grand total of 23 pounds by my records, but my doctor records only read 16 pounds total.

Maternity clothes? Still a mixture of everything in the shirt department, but ALL maternity pants.  I don't even attempt non maternity pants now.

Stretch marks? I keep thinking I've found one, but it turns out to be just an imprint from my jeans.  So we are still at a NO, and hoping it stays that way! 

Sleep: Better this week.  I'm not getting out of bed to pee as much

Best moment this week: Watching Jason work on Ethan's mural.  Ethan and I are so blessed to have Jason as his father.

Movement: My squirmy little man.

Food cravings: Not much of an appetite this week.

Gender: Our sweet baby Ethan Bryant Orlando.

Labor Signs: Still none! Let's keep it that way!

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie, but it is really flat.  The "bellybutton watch" has fascinated me.

Wedding rings on or off? On usually. I only take them off to sleep, but I haven't been struggling to get the wedding band on at all lately!

What I miss: Walking without hip pain!  My chiropractor is working on fixing this.

What I am looking forward to: Hitting the 30 week mark!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't hesitate to call a doctor about pain!  I've been putting off a visit for my hip pain for fear that I was just being a whiny pregnant lady.  It turns out that my muscles on one side have shifted to make one leg an entire inch longer than the other! OUCH!

Milestones: Reaching the 3rd trimester!!! YAY!


Brittany Ann said...

I had the same "Is that stretchmark" paranoia after taking off my pants and realizing it was just an indent. It was a panicked few minutes!

Lyr said...

Looking fantastic girl! Just fantastic!!!

Erika and Jason said...

So cute Paige! I thought I had a HUGE purple mark on my boob but it was an indent from sleeping. I freaked out for half the day, haha:-)