Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Week of Celebrations

Yesterday was a pretty significant day for me, but today is a day of HUGE significance for my entire family.

Today, we celebrate an extra 8 years that we got to keep my Mom.  It's hard to believe that she has been cancer free for 8 years, and to remember where we were 8 years ago today.

Even better, today my Aunt Angie that you all so sweetly prayed for, completes her very last radiation treatment.  We have complete confidence that she is also cancer free!
  We will always remember our family members who lost their battle with cancer, and celebrate our extreme pride with our two latest survivors. They are our inspiration to NEVER go down without a fight and NEVER give up.
(We lost my great-grandmother to Breast Cancer in 1997)

So even though Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October, today we all wear pink.

I also wanted to add a video of my FAVORITE piece from So You Think You Can Dance from a few years ago.  It was created in dedication to a woman battling breast cancer.  I think it is quite appropriate today.

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lessonsinlifeandlight said...

That IS lots to celebrate!

So glad your mom is cancer free and that your aunt is headed in that same direction. Wonderful news!