Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby Product Cravings

Lately I have been looking for lots of baby products that I want to add to my registry for my baby shower in the next couple of months!  I've picked a few to share with you all just because (no, I'm not getting paid to mention these items, I just really like them) and I want to share them with you all!  I've also provided the links to the product websites below the images if you want more information or purchase one!

The Miracle Blanket!

So many of you recommended The Miracle Blanket to me that this is definitely a must have for sweet Ethan!  I love that this swaddle blanket doesn't have snaps, velcro or zippers on it to make it much safer and easier to use.

The ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer. 
 I'm horrible with charts and remembering specific, and I think this little timer will definitely help me keep a great record of Ethan's diaper changes, sleep schedule, medicines (if he has to have any) and feedings.   I think this will be especially useful in the first few weeks of bringing Ethan home while he and I are adjusting to a new routine and running on little sleep, leaving little brain power to memory!

The Moby Wrap
The Moby Wrap has been WAY at the top of my list since before Jason and I ever discovered we were going to have a baby.  I love this baby-wearing wrap because of its multiple ways to use for comfort for both Ethan and myself.  It comes in so many cute colors I am having a hard time deciding which color to put on my registry!  I won't be able to carry an infant carrier very long (I admit it, I have no upper body strength) and a Moby Wrap is just the ticket to solving this issue.

Baby Monitors:

I'm actually torn between two baby monitors right now. The first one I've been looking at is:

The Angelcare Baby Monitor:
This monitor was actually recommended to me by an old co-worker of mine who gave birth to her son at 32 weeks.  After his release from the hospital, she was under strict instruction to closely monitor his breathing as a lot of preemies (and newborns) experience brady spells and apnea spells.  This Angelcare Baby Monitor has a pad placed under the mattress pad to monitor the movement and breathing of your little one.  If there is no movement for 15 seconds, an alarm sounds to alert the parent that an intervention is needed.  I love the thought of having the peace of mind of one more thing to help Jason and I protect our little one.

The Snuza Halo
This little monitor was on a television show I was watching while in the hospital with my last surgery.  Dr. Sears was a guest and doing a small piece on preventing SIDS.  He recommended the Snuza Halo.  It clips to the front of the diaper to monitor movement and will alert you if the baby's breathing falls to less than 8 per minute.  It also has a vibrating feature that will attempt to rouse the baby if he stops sleeping all together while alerting you to also intervene.

So now I need your help! Have any of you used either of these monitors?  What did you think? I keep reading reviews after reviews, and working on my pro and con list.

What other must-have baby products are a must add to my list?!


Rachel said...

Wow it's crazy that they have a monitor that can alert you about their breathing like that, very cool!

Katie~Loves Of Life said...

We didn't use the miracle blanket but I've heard good things. The plain old swaddle-me worked awesome for us, and we never had any "safety" issues with the velcro on it, so not sure what thats about?

My girl was swaddled until almost 8 months old, for real. She loved it.

As far as the itzbeen, that was a total waste of $25 bucks for me :/ Its really cheapy, too. If you have an iphone, use the apps on that, its a thousand times better. Honestly. If you dont have an iphone? Then I guess the timer would work okay for you? I only used the timer for one thing--the flashlight. Lol. I clipped it to my tank top and used it to nurse her at night while I got the hang of it. Declan referred to it as my "overpriced flashlight". Yep. haha.

I never used any of the other monitors for sids and stuff, but I'm really thinking I might. We kept her next to us for 3 months, so that eased a lot of my worries.

Ashley Belle said...

A good swing is a must have! And I also LOVE LOVE LOVED the baby Einstein DVDS. Let's be honest, you can't watch your baby 24/7....sometimes you have to pee, eat, etc etc. I felt better about letting her watch Baby Einstein at such a young age than anything else. Not to mention they just LOVE it! Plus, if you choose to breastfeed...invest in an electric (a good brand), and a handheld pump (they are very inexpensive)! Keep the handheld with you...diaper bag, in the car..etc!! Sometimes you will find yourself engorged, but the baby won't need to feed, and it will be there for some relief, not to mention a preventive leaking measure!! (of which I had a few) Lena also really liked her bears that made the womb noises! We have one that winds up, so no batteries necessary, plus it gradually decreases in volume, so it's not just shutting off in the middle of the night and startling the baby back awake!! :0)

Erika and Jason said...

Because of you I just registered for the Snuza! That looks great!:-) I am such a novice too that otherwise I would had better suggestions for ya.