Tuesday, January 18, 2011


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I have spent so much time updating you on myself and not enough time updating you and asking for the prayers of others.

My very special Aunt Angie begins her radiation treatment today for breast cancer. She has finished two surgeries, and now faces 30 radiation treatments over the next 6 weeks. We, including her doctors, are completely confident that she will be added to the survivor list. I'm so proud of her, just as I am of Mom when she was added to the survivor list nearly 8 years ago.
(me, Aunt Angie, my sister)
Please pray for her as she continues her fight. Please also pray for my uncle and sweet cousins as I know exactly how they feel during this time, and need your comforting prayers as well.



Lyr said...

She has just been added to my list of people to pray for.

Angie Repetti said...

awww...Paigey....I love you! We're praying for you too, Sweet Niece...and hoping you continue to get better and that you can enjoy this precious time in your life now that all that fluid is gone.

Lisa said...

Ang, is another strong woman in a long line in this family! Love you both!