Monday, January 24, 2011

18 Weeks

18 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: 136

Maternity clothes? Definitely maternity pants, some maternity shirts.  My closet and I had a slight disagreement on the maternity dress/regular dress for church.  The closet won.  Maternity dresses are too big and the regular ones result in...well...spillage. Gross.

Stretch marks? Not yet.

Sleep: A lot of restlessness.  Luckily I got 2 nights of real sleep this past week, so that was nice.

Best moment this week: Jason feeling baby Ethan move for the first time.

Movement: Yep! Still not consistent, and only when I am lying down or sitting.

Food cravings: Lots of sweets.

Gender: BOY!

Labor Signs: Still no, thank goodness!

Belly Button in or out? Still an innie, but looking funny.

Wedding rings on or off? On usually.  Since I'm not doing much but recovering from surgery, I haven't been putting them on everyday by choice.

What I miss: Real sleep.  And not feeling so fat/disgusting!

What I am looking forward to: Completing our anatomy scan in a couple of weeks.  Ethan wouldn't cooperate last week to let us get his facial measurements or heart measurements.

Weekly Wisdom: None.  I have none for you. 

Milestones: We are nearing the halfway mark!


Amy Lynn said...

Stop feeling fat and yucky!!!! You're NOT!

Brittany Ann said...

Hey hun! When is your due date again? I thought you were right with me! And I'm at 20 weeks on Thursday!