Friday, December 31, 2010

Over the Moon Past Cloud 9...

Happy New Year everyone!  Jason and I, along with our family were able to opt for an elective ultrasound this week to find out our baby's gender nearly 5 weeks before our OB will do the anatomy scan.  I have been so excited and nervous with butterflies to see sweet Baby Cannoli again.  I haven't seen Baby Cannoli since before my surgery, so I have been eager to make sure our precious baby was adjusting just fine.  Thankfully, the tech told us that she had no reason to believe that Baby Cannoli would not be born completely healthy.  That statement made the ultrasound completely worth it.

Our tech began our time with a guess before turning on the machine, and told us she had only been wrong on her guess once.  She turned on the machine and was able to tell us the gender within just a few seconds.  Needless to say, the room was FILLED with squeals and yells of excitement.  Tears of joy quickly followed. 

Here are a few sweet shots of our Baby Cannoli.  My favorite was watching the thumb-sucking.  It was the sweetest thing!
The best face shot we could get.  Baby Cannoli was on the MOVE.
I'm beyond word to explain our joy.  Jason and I cannot wait to meet our sweet SON in June!
Just for fun, a 100%, definite, no question about it "money" shot of our baby boy.  There is zero doubt that this little boy is shy, or a girl! Tee hee. :)
I cannot explain my excitement to meet this sweet little man.  He and I have been through one wild ride in this pregnancy, and I have zero doubt that he will continue to take Jason and I through a wild and amazing adventure in raising him.  My sweet baby BOY! I just can't say it enough!  Stay tuned for our announcement of his name, and the meanings behind it.

We have a SON!!!!


Jess said...

Awwww.......... CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Heather said...

Awww Congratulations!!

Lisa said...

Oh, Paige!

Congratulations on your precious baby boy! So excited for you, your husband, and that little munchkin who gets to call you mommy!

Praying for continued health in Louisville.

Sarah said...

Yay for a boy!!!! I'm so glad I guessed right for you :-)

Rachel said...

YAY! Congratulations Paige! Your sweet baby boy will be blessed with such wonderful parents!

Jamie said...

Oh how exciting! I know y'all are just grinning from ear to ear :) Can't wait to hear his name!