Friday, December 17, 2010

13 Weeks!

13 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Back to 126! I'm officially just 2 pounds heavier than I was the day I discovered Baby Cannoli. I'm much happier with that number, and that my face and body look back to what I'm used to seeing!

Maternity clothes? I'm back in my regular jeans! I do the hairband trick for the button on most days for comfort, but the maternity pants don't fit anymore. Fine by me! :)

Stretch marks? Nope!

Sleep: Much better now that the swelling is under control. However, I am still having nightmares from the procedure/weekend in the hospital that are disturbing.

Best moment this week: Being released from the hospital knowing that Baby Cannoli is one tough baby!

Movement: Not yet.

Food cravings: Cheese. Lots of cheese.

Gender: Still can't wait to find out! We're going in 2 weeks to a local place that will do a 3D ultrasound to reveal the gender at 15/16 weeks!

Labor Signs: Still no, thank goodness!

Belly Button in or out? Definitely an innie now!

Wedding rings on or off? On! I still take them off when I sleep just in case the swelling comes back.

What I miss: Nothing now!

What I am looking forward to: Finally enjoying pregnancy as a healthy woman! I'm really excited for recovery to be done so I can enjoy it!

Weekly Wisdom: Keep your faith.

Milestones: Finally finding out the cause of the swelling, and getting it taken care of! I'm still amazed at the difference from my 12 week picture and my 13 week picture.


Brittney Galloway said...

You look great! I had to pull up your last update so I could be amazed at the difference between the two weeks. Crazy! Take it easy and let your body heal!

Annie said...

you look wonderful hun and i'm so glad to hear you are doing better and are healthy and happy!! :)
have a great weekend!!

Amy Lynn said...

I am so unbelievably happy that things are SO much better now with your health, and happiness. And I can't wait to find out if that baby is a Cannoli, or a Cannolette! :)

Brittney said...

You look so great!! And what's the hair band trick?? :o