Friday, December 31, 2010

2010, You've Been Good to Me

Dear 2010,

You have taught me new lessons and thrown many new surprises my way.  You gave me the chance for another wonderful year with my husband and family, and I will look back on you with fondness. For a quick recap...

In January, I adjusted to the lessons I learned from my new job as a children's counselor.

In February, I surprised my husband with a gift to the Eric Clapton concert.

In March, I spent the month feeling very content and happy with my life in the work force and in my personal world.

In April, we celebrated Riley's 2nd Birthday and took a trip to Texas to celebrate Grandpa Orlando's 80th birthday.

In May, Jason and I celebrated our very first wedding anniversary.

In June, I learned the lesson of patience.

In July, my entire family visited Holiday World with Riley.

In August, I was lucky to do a blog review, a bloggy first!!

In September, we took a trip to New England and spent a wonderful week in Boston.

In October, I celebrated my 24th birthday and discovered that we were expecting our first little miracle!

In November,  I began feeling very ill and started the process of discovering what was causing my baby and I to suffer.

In December, the doctors finally discovered a life-threatening situation that resulted in multiple firsts for me.

2010, I so appreciate all the wonderful celebrations, trips, and lessons you blessed me with.  If 2011 is anything as great as you, bring it on! It will be the year of sweet Baby Cannoli!!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a special announcement!!


Brittney Galloway said...

What an amazing year! So glad you and baby are feeling better!

Heather said...

What a great year!! I hope you, your hubby, and baby cannoli have a great 2011!