Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're Expanding Our Family!!

That's right boys and girls, the Orlando family is getting bigger!!  And it's a boy.

Nope, sorry.  I'm not pregnant.  We got a puppy!!  My Dad delivers to a breeder that has all kinds of dogs, and she had a litter of pom-a-poos 3 weeks ago.  My family LOVES the pomeranian/poodle mix, since my parents have one named Hoss:

Isn't he cute??  I love good ol' Hoss boy, Jason and I puppy sat for him a couple of weeks ago when my parents went on vacation.

Anyway, we went to see this little black pom-a-poo that we had heard so much about, and knew this little guy would be ready for us to take him home in about three weeks.  He was SO precious.  As we were walking by, I saw this really pretty dog that I pointed out.  The lady said that it was a poodle, and I was shocked! I had never seen a poodle without its weird hair cut.  She said she had one puppy left from the poodle litter that was ready to be taken home.  A 12 week, tan little poodle.  She went to get him and brought him outside, and Jason's eyes lit up.  It was love at first sight.  He cuddled right up to us, and gave us kisses.  I could not believe that we were about to take home a poodle! I've NEVER thought poodles were cute, but that's because of their weird grooming.  So we took home this little guy with a vow to NEVER cut his poor hair into something weird.

Named after Jason's favorite baseball teams home field, meet Fenway Orlando! :)

Stay tuned for pictures from his very first bath! 


Amy Lynn said...

awwww! Little Fenway is so cute! Now you can participate in Mutt Mondays and share all of Fenway's adventures with us! :)

Shannon said...

oh my gosh SOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! how big will he get? I love that little curly hair! adorable!!!!!! He looks like a little teddy bear!

PaigeR530 said...

He's about 4 pounds now, and the breeder said he would get anywhere from 7-10 not much bigger! He's precious!

Angie Repetti said...

He's soo cute! Congrats to Mommy and Daddy, and hugs and kisses from Aunt Angie, Uncle Steve and Cosmo! Can't wait to meet him!!!!

Anonymous said...

so cuuuuuute!!!!! :) I love him!