Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My New Love

Are you all tired of every single blog being about Fenway? No? Good. Because he will be the subject of many blog posts, I'm sure.
Little guy got his face trimmed yesterday, and his toenails trimmed!! He's even more adorable now!!

So this is Fenway before:

And this is Fenway NOW:

He wasn't too into posing this morning. I'll try to get better pictures.

Fenway LOVES his ball, but he's not fantastic at picking it up. His little jaw isn't big enough for it, so he's pulled the fuzz away and carries it by that.

So last night, while Jason was playing on the computer, Fenway and I played with his ball, but he was WORN out from such a big day with grooming and all the playing he did when we came home. We both fell asleep in the office floor, and after Jason was done on the computer, he laid down in the floor with us, Fenway in the middle. I woke up to feeling Fenway jump over my legs to get out of the sandwich kind of like: “All RIGHT! Mom and Dad are asleep, time to go exploring!!!” Little sneak was headed over to the vent, where he can lay on top of it to feel the air, and swat at/chew the desk chair wheels at the same time! No damage done, but it was definitely time for bed after that!!


Shannon said...

lol! that little 2nd picture of his eyes poking out.. his expression is like: HEY MOM! I SEEEE YOU!!! :D so cute. his color is precious. so is he just called a "poodle" or is there another term? i know there's teacup poodles and everything.

PaigeR530 said...

Haha yeah, he's funny. He's called a "Toy Poodle"-so he's going to stay about 7-10 pounds :)

Anonymous said...

i love your dog. i might just steal him. :)

Shannon said...

Paigey - you will definitely have to give us insider tips on how you get your dog to sleep through the night as a puppy (obv Fenway has no problem w/ this), how you potty train him, etc. you know, for those of us who will be parents of a puppy soon (as in, me). :D

I'm sure you already have lots of wisdom about puppy training!

PaigeR530 said...

I'll do a whole post just for you!! :)