Monday, July 27, 2009


Baby Stellan is not doing well at all. MckMama checked him into the hospital a few days ago so that he could be monitored on a new drug regimen for his SVT. It hasn't work. Stellan has not been out of SVT for more than a few minutes in 3 days. Please go to her blog to read more details.

He needs prayers. His last hospital run was sad and scary, and it seems that this one is even worse for this poor baby. Their well trusted doctors are running out of options, and my last Twitter update on my cell phone stated that MckMama didn't know what was going on, but she was holding her son knowing that her parents and family are on their way to be with him. They think it might be too late to send him back to Boston.

Please pray for him today.


Anonymous said...

too late?!? I don't understand. well, I think I do. But my brain doesn't want to comprehend that!

Shannon said...

yes I don't understand the severity of any of this. Is he in danger of DYING? or does she mean he might be too bad to FLY but he would still survive in Minnesota? I just don't get it. It's horrible to think about him dying.. but could he die soon? Or is he going to be ok? She never comes out and says anything like that... she says things that he has, like too much K in his body and stuff, but is that truly life-threatening or does that just make him feel yucky? Wow, long comment.. but I'm sure you can relate with me. I'm friends with her real-life friend, Sami, on facebook, and she JUST updated her status to say that Stellan WILL be healed. Idk if she's just being optimistic or if MckMama told her something. I know that Sami has been hanging out with them at the hospital and helping out with the Happy Meal, so she knows insider info. And her previous status updates have NOT been good.. she describes Stellan as "fading" ... that sounds NOT GOOD to me.. :[ horrible.... poor Stellie. He never gets a break. EVER.

PaigeR530 said...

IDK Shannon. I thought they feared him dying this morning when she Twittered that their parents and family were headed up there, and that things were very bad. I'm nervous, and I'm sad. Keep me posted if your friend says anything!