Monday, July 6, 2009


This post is just for my Aunt Angie!! :)  

In case you didn't know, my Aunt Angie is extremely talented!!  So when I caught wind that she was MAKING our wedding gift, I couldn't wait to see it.  Head over to her blog to see some of her other cool creations, as well as more photos of her beautiful piece she made for us!  It's a beautiful new family heirloom that Jason and I can pass down to our babies and grandbabies (that won't be around for many years though! haha)

Aunt Angie-the minor setback of the neck pain put the final project of hanging it off a few days, but we finally got it hung in our foyer over the console table!  Here is an up close shot of the frame and matting...
And a "kind of" shot of the frame hanging in its spot.  Sorry guys, the foyers not very wide, I was as far back as I could go!!
Hope we did it justice Aunt Angie!  Thanks again for such a meaningful wedding gift! We love you!


Angie Repetti said...

It looks B E A U T I F U L !!!!! I think you guys did wonderful with it! Love you both, and I'm very happy that you guys love it enough to hang it in the foyer! I hope it's around for generations to come!! ( means, you guys have babies, the babies have babies, etc...) BUT - no hurries!!!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!! Umm, my last name will be "GUESS" ok, just sayin :)