Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What is this? 20 Questions?

Ok, so maybe it's not 20 questions, but it ends up being quite a few. Newlywed bloggy friends, this one is for you! And of course, for the rest of you who aren't newlyweds.

Have you ever really thought of the relationship cycle? You meet, you date, you fall in love, and then-you break up. Just kidding! Well, kind of. Most of the time you break up, and then after this cycle completes a few times, you end the cycle with deciding to get married. However, that isn't how everyone that is not directly involved with your relationship (meaning you and the significant other) sees this cycle. The cycle of interrogation begins:

Stage 1: Oh you've met someone?! How exciting, are you exclusively seeing each other, or just casually? Casually? Well, when do you think its going to get serious? This one normally comes from our girlfriends, and it simple curiosity. This stage of the interrogation is what I tend to call: Showing Interest. NOT annoying.

Stage 2: You know, you all have been dating for a while. When do you plan on getting engaged? This question comes from everyone after a while. I like to call this stage of interrogation: Semi-Interest, Semi-Nosey. Semi-annoying. This can be bumped up to completely annoying on two occasions: 1. You aren't dicussing marriage at all and are just enjoying a steady relationship. 2. You have discussed marriage and you are getting sick of waiting for that proposal!

Stage 3: Ah! Congratulations on finally getting that ring! When did he propose? 5 minutes ago? EEEE!! When's the big day??? Yes, ladies and gentleman, please allow me to set my wedding date before I even have enough time to say yes. Do not allow me to enjoy a moment of excitement and contentment before throwing me into stress mode on planning a wedding. This stage can be called: TOO Excited. Semi-annoying.

Stage 4: What a beautiful ceremony! The ceremony ended 20 minutes ago, so let's move on to the reception and talk about bigger things. When's that baby coming? This is the stage of interrogation that I want to call: Just Plain Nosey. SUPER annoying. My life is definitely involved with interrogation Stage 4 right now, and it drives me crazy! First of all, what if the couple doesn't want children? Or what if they know they can't have children? Or why not just plain let them have some time to enjoy the moment of being a newlywed? Jason and I definitely want children in our lives, and most people know that. Can't we enjoy our time together for a while first? I love babies, especially my sweet Riley, but I'm just plain not ready for it yet! I love coming home to my quiet home with my husband and puppy, relaxing on the couch, spending time with friends or family, and sleeping ALL night. I would also like to be a little more financially secure, in hopes that I can stay home with my sweet little ones and not have to work. That is definitely not possible right now. And if the time comes, and I do have to work, I hope it is only part time so that I can have some days at home. When the time comes for us to expand our family, don't worry. We will inform you. It's not like we are trying to keep some huge secret. We just actually want to live in the moment for a little while!

Stage 5: Oh your little one is so cute! When's baby 2 coming? This stage can extend to 6, 7, 8 and so on. I'm not here yet. In fact, I'm extremely guilty of it!! I would probably classify this as super annoying too, but ask my sister, she can tell you!

I'm guilty of asking these questions too. Very guilty. I was certainly more guilty of this before I began my own interrogation cycle. Now I attempt not to ask, or try to time these questions a bit better. This is somewhat a vent to all you bloggy friends, but more so something I found comical.

Have a fantastic day!


Jen Creed said...

I HATE STAGE 4!! Blahhhhhh. Super nosey indeed. AKA, my inlaws haha.

I read somewhere someone who responds with "Why, what a great idea, maybe we should practice right now" when asked when they were going to have kids. Cracked me up.

Amy Lynn said...

Stage 2, Part 2... that's all I'm sayin'.

Katie said...

girl, this is so've nailed it dead on. I particularly HATE when people ask me where the baby is. ugh!

Laura and Ryan said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. It can be annoying, but after a while, I think we almost start to expect the questions. If someone doesn't ask, them I'm a little surprised! ha!

Lyr said...

This really made me laugh… but again, you always make me laugh. Very true statements here; I’m to where people are asking me about baby #2! Lol!

Anonymous said...

haha. my sister's experienced that too. Exactly those stages. Like everyone is basically putting their life on hold waiting for them to have their baby.

Also, I'm convinced I will be in stage 2 forever. hahaha. jk. but really. :)