Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Riley's Weekend Life

Saturday Morning! Oh boy! What can I possibly get into today?!
Since I'm already dressed, I might as well try on Daddy's pants too!

Time to take care of my Bitty Baby! I love my Bitty.

I have so many jobs to do at my house! Time to feed the puppy!

Sometimes I get a little cranky when I get tired after such a busy morning.

It's been a VERY full day today, and I'm ready for my bath! I love to blow kisses at my Mommy when I'm in the tub!

See all my cool bath toys?

My baby took a bath with me tonight, she needs some love.

Time to really wash up! Let's make sure those feet are clean! SHOOOO-WEEEE-as I like to say!

After my bath, Mommy lets me play in her cabinets for a little while until it is time for bed.

Saturday was so much fun at home with Mommy and Daddy! I'm ready for Sunday! Time for church!!

Church was great today, and I had a lot of fun eating my raisins and singing. I'm super excited now, because Aunt Paige and Mommy are going to take me to play at the park! I love to swing!

Swinging is a lot of fun, but I really like to go down the big girl slides! Here's a picture of me with Aunt Paige, making funny faces!

Mommy said I could go down a big girl slide all by myself! I was SO excited!

I decided to go back to the twirly slides though, they are REALLY fun.

I want to try a new swing!

I could do this for hours, really.

What's more fun than being in a swing? Being in a swing with my MOMMY!!!

Swinging might be my favorite, but I still have a few more slides to test out!

All this playing wears me out! Mommy decided to take me to go see the duckies!

I like being a big girl and walking down the sidewalk all by myself.

Mommy let me sit up on the railing so that I could get a good look at the duckies in the water!

I love watching the duckies swim, but glad my Mommy is holding on tight!

Aunt Paige wanted to see the duckies too, so Mommy let her come over and hold on to me for a while.

The wind was blowing, and I like to feel my pigtails wave back and forth!

Aunt Paige showed me how to throw some small sticks into the water to watch them splash! It was lots of fun, but we had to stop because I tried throwing one that was a little too big.
Park time is fun, but I'm glad to be back home so I can catch up on my T.V. shows! What's with all these grown-ups swinging me around upside down anyway? They are so silly, they make me laugh a lot. I even decided to let my Uncle J hold me for a little while, which never happens. I'm usually way to busy to give him any love! Mommy, are you still taking pictures? Allow me to pose for you.
Phew! What a busy weekend for me! Night night!


Tatiana said...

Oh my goodness!!! She is too cute!!! I love the one where she is trying to sniff her feet! What a lovely doll baby she is!

Emily said...

She is sooo precious! You must be such a proud aunt :)

Lisa H said...

nothing sweeter!!

Amy Lynn said...

DANG she's a busy, busy girl! That first one had me laughin' out loud. LOVE her!

Anonymous said...

SO CUTE. man, she sure is growing up. how very very cute.

Laura and Ryan said...

So cute! I can't wait for nieces and nephews!

Shannon said...

Paiiigeeey, she is getting sooo big! Those pictures of you two together are so sweet :] I hope you frame them. or scrapbook them. or do something with them. sooo sweet!!!! :)

katie + bret said...

How precious! Don't you just love this age?! It's so wonderful getting to watch them explore and see them learn new things. Oh to have the innocence of a child again...

You look like you make a perfect Aunt!

Angie Repetti said...

what an awesome post, Paigey!!! 8-)

♥Kim said...

Ha, now isn't she adorable! Too cute for words! She's a busy little one huh! :)