Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weirdo Wednesdays

Sorry guys, I totally missed Stupid People Sundays, so I'm going to make up for it now! I have several blogs prepared for the next few days, let's hope I follow through!

Instead of Stupid People Sunday, I'm making this "Weirdo Wednesday" for all those nuts I encountered LAST week.

Let's start with one that "thankfully" did not happen to me, but a friend of mine at another workplace. They were having a going away party for one of their coworkers who finished her internship. Let's call her Sally. My friend thought it would be really nice to have a cake for her at work that day to sent. So off to Wal-Mart she runs. When she picked up the cake for Sally, instead of the cake saying "Good Luck, Sally" it reads "Good Lucky, Sally." When my friend told the baker that the cake was not written correctly, the baker looked at her dumbfounded and said "I don't have any idea what you are talking about."

And I have another stupid customer. But don't worry, it doesn't involve much insurance jargo. I had a customer purchasing a new home, and we have to get quite a bit of information on it. How big is the house, is it brick or siding, etc. So I ask the gentleman if the home has a garage attached to the house and if so, how many cars does it fit? He responds with, "Yes, we have a garage but it is only one car. The garage door is MUCH bigger than it should be though. But since there is only one door, only one car can go through it." Confused, I said "Are you sure it isn't a double door to fit two vehicles?" He says "No, it's only one door. Only one car can get through one door no matter how wide it is." Oh dear.

I simply HAVE to pick on my co-worker B. She's not stupid by any means, but she did have a blonde moment the other day. She was working on an application for a home loan, and there is a place that you have to list the person's income, assets, and other things of value. When the place that she was supposed to list "stocks, bonds, and other investments" she went up to my boss and said, "What do they mean to list stocks? Livestock? I need to list all their cows and stuff? He has a bunch of them." Oh, the mind of a country girl is never too far away. :)

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Amy Lynn said...

hahahahaha... thanks for the laughs Paigey :) I'm off to go deal with the bozo's at school, and earlier I was dealing with the stupid people at Building and Zoning. I was REALLY due for a laugh!