Thursday, April 30, 2009

Negligent Blogger

I'm SO sorry guys.  I'm a sucky blogger right now.  But I DO have some funny stuff, info, and cute stuff for you all!!

Let's get right to Riley's Birthday party last weekend! She was a DOLL!

Isn't this cake adorable?? Props to my sister, this thing was SO neat!
Riley diving into her cupcake.  She wasn't too excited about it though, it was getting close to her nap time.Uncle Jason showing Riley how to use the buckle on her new swing given to her from Granny and Pappy (my parents).

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND THE WORLD IS MINE!! I love this photo, and the little butt in it.
Aunt Angie called to sing to Miss Riley! Too bad Riley hung up on her, and we had to beg for an encore. ;)
Playing on the slide with her Aunt Paigey.  :)
She LOVED to inspect that swing buckle!
And she was also pretty obsessed with Mom's camera case.
Check out that hat!
Sweet Riley in my lap! The sun was in her eyes, but that didn't stop her from being cute!
Riley with Granny (my mom).
Riley with Pappy (my dad).

Happy Birthday sweet Riley!


Christine said...

wow. She is so cute. And in no way do your parents look old enough to be grandparents. I mean, Granny and Pappy :) They look so young!

PaigeR530 said...

Man Christine, they are going to LOVE you even more after they read that.