Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wow! What a Picture Overload

We've had a really busy week!  More on that later, but I wanted to catch up and tell you all about Ethan's first Halloween.

I'm not a big fan of Halloween, just because I think it's silly.  Am I the only one that thinks it is slightly strange to walk from home to home of people you don't or barely know and ask for food?  Anyway.  It's not my favorite holiday, but it is more fun now that we have Ethan.

Riley flashed back to our childhood and wore one of my sister's old costumes...She was Rainbow Brite!!  She insisted on being called Rainbow all evening and wouldn't answer to Riley.

We took E to see his great-grandparents, who spoiled him rotten with lots of fun teething toys, books, and a new musical toy he's obsessed with.

Cousin love

My Little Charlie Brown!

Seriously, I have no idea what's going on here, but it cracks me up.

Granny at her finest.

Pappy and Riley

We also took the kids to see some friends of ours! We grew up with Brittany, and she is getting married in April! Riley is going to be her flower girl, and constantly talks about how Miss Brittany is going to be a princess.  

Ethan loves him some Brittany! :)

Brittany's mom, Lisa.  Lisa and Danny (Brittany's parents) have been close friends of my parents way before they had children. 

Mrs. Lisa gave Ethan and Riley lots of fun toys and books for Halloween!

Riley and Danny.  Riley has more fun answering the door to hand out candy.  One child came to the door without a parent.  She said, "Hey! Where's your Mommy and Daddy? You shouldn't be here by yourself."  She also demanded everyone say trick-or-treat to her. Ha!

Ethan with Pappy and Danny

Riley helping out Brittany with the door.

The Crowe Family

Someone was getting sleepy.

Really sleepy.

We loved our mild Halloween evening with lots of fun with the kiddos!

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