Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How is This Even Acceptable?!

In reviewing my unemployment decision documents, I have been reviewing legal cases that my referee indicated and listed in my documentation was a case of Wimberly v. Labor and Industrial Relations Commission of Missouri.

This case discusses a woman who took leave during her pregnancy, and her job was not available to her when she returned.  She was denied unemployment benefits because her pregnancy was not "caused" by her job.  This case made a ruling that States are not required to approve benefits to women who must take leave during pregnancy.  This ruling states that illness during pregnancy or pregnancy complications are no exception to the rule of "quitting without good cause attributable to the employment."

How is it acceptable that being unable to return to work due to the risk of detriment to you and an unborn child is not understood by our government?! How is it acceptable for employers to FIRE you for these complications and not be held accountable for assistance once your health is restored?  How is it acceptable that you are fired for this cause and the government views that you voluntarily chose this?  Please sense my sarcasm when I say: "Of course I want two heart surgeries and risk my child's life. Sign me up!  Allow me to volunteer for that during my next pregnancy too."

I'm mad. Steaming mad.  I'm bitter and I'm pissed off.  I think it is ridiculous that we, as mothers, are not supported by our legislature in multiple areas.  Our legally required maternity leave time is unacceptable, our options to protect and provide for our families during complications are unacceptable, and our limited abilities to care for our children on our own is unacceptable.  I do not understand how it is possible for those who are blatantly cheating the systems are easily accepted, approved, and assisted, but an individual who wants to do the right thing and follow the rules properly gets slapped in the face.  What is WRONG with this picture?

Our "systems" need an overhaul.

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