Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ethan Meets Santa

Apologies for my blog still looking like a hot mess.  It's a current "under construction work in progress."

This past weekend we took Ethan to meet Santa for the very first time! We wanted to take him early in the season to avoid the long lines and an impatient 5 month old.  So my first line of duty was to figure out what he was going to wear!! I had two contenders, and both outfits will be used in his Christmas photos, so it wasn't a heartbreaker not to use one or another.

Our two contenders:

My heart is so full of his cuteness!  He's such a smiley baby, I love it.

For my Mom, we took Ethan and Riley's photo together, and then individual pictures for our own memory books.  Sorry they are so fuzzy looking, they are iPhone pictures of the print.

Ethan locked in on Santa immediately, and I'm really sad that the photographer didn't get a picture of his amazement and wonder in this bearded man.  Jason took a video, but it is sadly a little far away.  It was so sweet to see him focus in on Santa.  Riley, of course, is full of the Christmas magic.  She immediately started telling him of "all things pink" that she wanted, especially a pink teddy bear.  She's at the perfect age to capture Christmas magic.

I love these pictures so much!  Ethan would give us much bigger smiles, but somehow the photographer was a little slow, but I'm so glad that we at least got a half smile in his individual picture.

 I have been this excited about Christmas since I was a kid myself.  I know he is too small to be too wrapped up in the fun, but I can't wait to watch him study everything.  I can't wait for him to see the lights, our tree, and let Santa visit our house.  I love being this little one's Mommy.


Jax said...

He is SO cute! And um.. seeing him in that little Santa outfit made me squeal! So ADORABLE!

Erika and Jason said...

So fun! We went to the mall this weekend and the Santa package was $45....$45?! That's so expensive:-(