Monday, November 28, 2011

No Way to Say Thank You

Today is a REALLY big day for us.  Today is the day we hope to say farewell to our wonderful team of cardiologists in Nashville.

We will head down to Nashville for my last ECHO and meeting with my doctors.  We feel confident that the issue that we have struggled with for nearly a year has finally resolved itself, but tomorrow will  make it official.  Your thoughts and prayers would be most appreciated that we get the results that we are expecting.

While we are excited to be closing this chapter, we are also extremely sad to say good-bye to such an amazing team.  We wanted to say thank you to them in style, so we have been busy at work with some DIY projects for our team. There is truly no way we could ever thank them properly for being so wonderful to us over the past year, but we are sure going to try.  We were so lucky to be placed with a team that has truly CARED for us that was more than medical care.  Our country would be in much better shape if all health care providers were willing to show such love and compassion for their patients the way this team has.  I've said it before, but I could never say enough good things about Centennial Heart.

My cardiologist has recently brought a new addition into his family, so my Mom found some sweet things for the baby and siblings.  Jason designed this and had it specially printed, a true one of a kind.

Seriously, how talented is my husband? SO proud of him.

My nurse practitioner has been a true comfort and help to me throughout this process.  I could easily call her and tell her that I was feeling nervous about recurrence, and she would talk me through it.  It never took her more than an hour to return my calls to reassure me, which I will be forever amazed at.  For an interventionalist that has duties with a number of patients in office as well as in the hospital, she always made me feel like I was her only patient.  She is getting married next year, and we are absolutely thrilled for her.  Jason and I got busy on this for her:
 Jason created the design, and I transferred it to a ceramic tile.  We have a small easel for her to display it in her home after she is married.  We're considering opening an Etsy shop, what are your thoughts?
We are so thankful for our team at Centennial Heart.  It is certainly bittersweet to visit them today, but we are so glad that this visit is finally here.  I am so happy that we get to take Ethan to meet the team that saved our lives and gave him the chance to be brought into this world.  We couldn't be more thankful to be blessed with individuals that were willing to care for us in such a proactive and aggressive way.  They allowed us to keep our family in tact, and that is something we will always remember.  I can't wait to share photos with you all of Ethan meeting our team!

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Jen Creed said...

I love these two posts about your cardiology team and all the good news :) You all deserve it! We are going to have to come up to BG soon and see you all and see how big Ethan has gotten! And YES, you should open an Etsy shop! That would be awesome!