Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Early Recruit

We took Ethan to his very first baseball game over the past weekend!  Jason's company had a box for the game and we decided to take advantage of time to get to know his new co-workers and enjoy a game with Ethan.

Of course I had to dress him for the occasion and take a ton of pictures.  His hat was a little big, but I couldn't resist putting it on him.

Headed to the game!

My sweet little man.

My boys!

Ethan likes to flex his muscles.

Some of the mascots dressed up and came to our suite.  Of course we had to take pictures of Ethan with him! 
Ethan did so well during the game!  He ate pretty quickly into the first inning, and really focused in on his surroundings.  He fell asleep near the end of the 7th inning, and we decided to head on out.  Maybe he will be a baseball lover like his Daddy!

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Laura and Ryan said...

Fun! Girl, you look great! I love the picture of Ethan with the mascots :)