Monday, August 15, 2011

Ultimate Mom Fail

Seriously, who could ever harm this sweet face?  

It's my job to protect this sweet baby boy, but what did I do? I caused his first boo-boo.  I actually did this a few weeks ago, but I'm just now confessing via blog.  I made him do this:
No, I didn't take a picture immediately after I hurt him, this picture was just because he wasn't happy to be in his swing.  Anyway.
Ethan's fingernails are crazy sharp.  They aren't thin like most newborns and able to just peel off.  So  I got out my trusty "American Red Cross" with magnifying glass fingernail clippers and waited for him to fall asleep.  Once he was completely out, I very nervously started to trim the miniature swords.

First fingernail.  Sigh of relief.  Ethan didn't flinch.

Second fingernail.  My magnifying glass failed me, and I thought I was right under the fingernail and squeezed.  I released, only to see a stream of blood coming from his finger and Ethan waking up SCREAMING.  I quickly realized that I missed his fingernail completely and cut his finger!  It bled for forever, and Ethan had to have his first little band-aid.  We both cried for quite a while, only Ethan eventually stopped crying.  Mommy didn't.  My sweet baby was barely 2 weeks old, and I had injured him.

Two days ago, I FINALLY got enough courage to try again.  Yes, that means Jason and I went an entire  6 weeks enduring miniature swords.  My Mom helped me hold his hands, and told me to forget about the magnifying glass.  It was making things TOO big, and giving a false sense of being in the right position. Within 10 minutes, Ethan's nails were clipped and this time there were no casualties!

So I admit it.  I had my first ultimate Mom FAIL at 2 weeks.


Tatiana said...

oh my goodness, he is adorable! Such a sweet little face! Those mommy 'oopsies' happen to the best of us. We all feel guilty about it and are way too hard on ourselves (at least the normal ones do), but it's part of the fact that non of us are perfect moms, and we all 'fail' once in a while. What makes you a good mom is that you wanted to take care of him and take his pain away right then and there :-)

Erika and Jason said...

I feel your pain! The first night we had Savannah home I decided to cut hers while she slept. The first one I totally cut her finger, it turned red and I almost cried. Now I know that her nails peel off and I just wait for that to happen. No more clippers until she's older!

Caroline said...

Poor E! But you're NOT a bad mom! :)

Laura and Ryan said...

Aww he is so cute! I was just reading this thinking, "Wait, how do I not know about these clippers with a magnifying glass?" You are a fabulous mom!

Ashley said...

He is perfect and precious, right down to the little sharp nails! You are a fabulous Mommy, dont ever forget it =)

Brittney said...

Aw! My mom did that to my sister when she was a newborn, too. I know it is hard NOT to feel bad, but the good thing is little Ethan doesn't even remember it now. :)

Jax said...

hahaha... It's not funny b/c I know I would have freaked out too, but it's cute to picture you both crying sitting there! I'd hardly call this a mom fail, silly friend!