Monday, November 23, 2009

Random Tidbits

  • I'm really excited about Thanksgiving this year. We have chosen just to make Thanksgiving about Mom, Dad, Ashley, Adam, Riley, Jason and I this year. Yay for pjs, games and movies all day! We will definitely be well rested to hit the ground running on Friday morning!

  • My paperwork is complete and I start my new job on December 2!! I'm so ready to move on, I hate the limbo stage of wrapping up at one place and waiting to start another.

  • Jason gave me a huge surprise and is taking me to see The Nutcracker in Louisville in December! I'm so excited, because his mom bought us tickets to see the Christmas special of the Rockettes in Nashville too! I've always wanted to see the Rockettes, so I'm really excited. I've seen the Louisville Ballet perform before, but this is a brand new production, and I can't wait to see what changes are going to be made.

  • My bestie that is in NYC to follow her dreams as a Broadway star comes home to visit TONIGHT!!! I can't wait to see her, and hear all about her new job! That's right ladies, my BESTEST friend is a part of the Clurman Singers and will perform at CARNEGIE HALL in April. I'm so proud of her, and cannot wait to see her!!!

  • My house is FULLY decorated for Christmas now, and I plan on sharing pictures with you all soon.

  • Update: I have been terrible about this update, but wanted to let you all know since you were so wonderful to lift up prayers. Mom's episode in October was ruled by an epileptic specialist that she did NOT have a seizure. Thank goodness!! He feels confident that it was a spell of sudden drop in blood pressure or blood sugar, and gave her some diet adjustments to help with that. She had a couple of other small tests run as well, but thank goodness we aren't facing anything major anymore. Thank you all so much for your prayers and concern.

  • I have taught Riley to say "peace out." I find it quite comical.

  • Jason and I ordered our Christmas cards last week! Want one? E-mail me! We have a large amount of leftovers based on our current list, since you can only order in increments of 25 (and of course, we were 4 over.)

  • My husband rocks. I sent a "to-do" list for us to organize what needed to be done before the arrival of his parents this past weekend for him to add anything I left out. This was a to-do list that we were going to work on together when I got home from work. He got off work early, and had the entire list completed for me so that I could relax all evening. What a great husband!

  • My dog thinks my pillow is his now. He has a new found desire to wrap himself around my head for about 15 minutes each night before he jumps down to get in his own bed, on the floor.

Happy SHORT week everyone!


Amy Lynn said...

Oh my goodness. PLEASE get Riley on video saying "Peace Out"!!! lol... I love it!!!

katie + bret said...

Happy short weekend to you too dear! Great tidbits and that is fabulous about your mom!!

Shannon said...

loved loved loved your updates! keep them coming! and also, i can't wait to see pics of your christmasy house! :) :)

Brittney said...

I agree with Amy Lynn! And how exciting about all the fun stuff you'll be doing soon.

And aren't Christmas cards THE BEST?! We have ours ready to print, but we have to find out if we're having a boy or girl before we get them printed and send them out! :)

Jax said...

Excellent to hear about your mom, girlie! That's great news! And your Thanksgiving sounds awesomesauce!! Love the r&r with fam! Hooray for your jobbie's paperwork, too! YAY!

Annie said...

i hope you have a great time with your bestie!
awesome news about your momma!! :)
love that you taught riley that! i love teaching my nephew stuff like that, haha!!!
the fact that you made your hubby a "to do" list and he did it is the coolest thing ever, hehe.
looking forward to seeing your christmas decor!
have a fabulous thanksgiving hun!!

Tatiana said...

that is awesome news about your mommy! And you taught your niece how to say "peace out"!!!! That's def. video worthy! You're too funny!

Lyr said...

OMG! I so have to email you. NEW JOB?!?! Awesome, so happy for you. I suck as an email buddy! I'll write soon I promise! :)

Laura and Ryan said...

Congrats about your new job! What a good time to start too! I too want to see Riley saying, "Peace Out!"